I guess the title says it all.
This past weekend was my friend Callie's Birthday.
There was a theme, of course, and it was “C is for Callie” and everyone dressed up like the letter C.
I was real creative as a Cat.

Hugo was not scared of me, clearly.

Other people were actually creative: Crown Royal, Can (of Beer), Chef, Commando, Cupid, Cat in the Hat, etc.

My husband Michael had the idea that we should do the Harlem Shake at the party since everyone was dressed up.
Once you start drinking every idea is a good idea.

What more can I say?

Here's the video:

I want to note that I edited this video and I have literally never uploaded a video in my life to YouTube. So it might not be the best quality.
My husband is the one with the Harlem shirt on that gets the cupcake smashed in the face.

I have pretty awesome friends.

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