I love watching makeup tutorials online. Mostly because I have no idea
how to really do my makeup correctly. I mean, I have the basics down,
but when it comes to things like eyeliner, A smoky eye, or anything to
do with eyebrows, I get lost. Lately, I've see beauty and
fashion bloggers talk about filling in your brows. They all seem to tell
me that it's the most important step for putting on make up. I looked online, and there's not a lot of tutorials for blonde, pale people for filling in your eyebrows.

Today I
thought I'd do a tutorial of my own. I've been studying these beauty bloggers so I think I've got it down. So here I am today in video form
giving you a super easy and cheap tutorial on how to do browse for

As you can see, I nailed it. In case you can't watch the video, here is my after:

MUCH MUCH better. I'm in my reindeer tee, and I want to make a statement.

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