Before we get into the weekend I am rewinding all the way back to Tuesday.
Tuesday was my second day of work. And the day I almost killed my husband.
I went outside to feed the puppy and play with the dogs. Michael pokes his head out of the backdoor and says, “OK, I'm off, I love you , bye!”
I looked at my phone about 2 minutes later and decide I need to finish getting ready. So I go to open the door. LOCKED.
Michael had locked me out of the house. I call his phone. OFF. So I call my mom freaking out. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later he finally turned his phone on and came back. I looked very disheveled but I made it to work on time.

Now let's fast forward to the weekend. Friday was just the jam. Perfect combination of good friends and dancing and a great DJ oh and celebrating one of my best friends getting old. I don't think the smaile left my face on Friday.

Saturday was spent at King Spa sauna in Dallas. It was a fun experience  but I don't recommend it if you're in the Dallas area. Just a bunch of rooms at different temperatures with different smells. This one guy went on and on about how it clears his cold and allergies. Yeah, and so does a hot shower.

Hi “A Beautiful Mess” app, you are the bomb dot com.

Sunday was my little sister's graduation from highschool. She went to the same all girls, catholic high school I went to and the ceremony is very formal. White hats and dresses, a very specific curtsey and a song. I love it and I'm super proud of her!

Memorial day was nothing to write home about. Michael and I spent almost 7 hours laying grass sod in our yard. But it looks good now! 
How was your weekend?!
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