I have always been “known” for my hair. And that's not because it's necessarily pretty or I have awesome locks. It's just because it's always been long and flowy since I can remember. See also: frizzy.

Well, except in middle school when I had no idea what I was doing and I would pat it down with a brush.

A few people have asked me about how I “do my hair” so I thought I would share.
You will need clean washed hair.
Side note: I don't brush my hair after I shower if I wear it wavy. I find that it doesn't work very well brushed and it makes my hair look more frizzy and lion like.

You will also need:
1. Leave in conditioner, I like cheap stuff. Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner is cheap and works well.
2. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray smells so freaking good and tastes salty just like the sea. I know, when i accidentally sprayed some in my mouth the other day.
3. A Blow Dryer NuMe Pro Ionic Hair Blow Dryer is my choice since it's also cheap, it's pink and it has the word Ionic, so you know it's good, right?
 4. My new favorite thing ever- a teasing brush that also fights frizz. This one is like $3 by Wigo. I got mine at Ulta but I can't find it online, here is a very similar one at Ulta.
Ok, you are all set. Once you have showered and towel dried your hair put on the leave in conditioner. I don't know why, but I let it sit for a good five minutes before putting any other products on it.
Just waiting to do the next step. Don't mind me.
Then I spray the Beach Babe Texturizing spray all over my hair. I flip my head over and blow dry it, and I scrunch my hair as I go. Flipping your head over creates volume (said some scientist probably) and scrunching it helps to make the loose waves and a more natural look.
I flip it back over and blow dry the front, continue to scrunch your hair.
Or I do this. 
Now you look like a straight up lion, but don't worry.
Here's my secret. Roll your hair up in a bun. 
This tames the frizz and also helps keep/control the curl. 
Now I take the teasing comb and brush the top of my head to remove the frizz. 
Take your hair out of the bun and…
you're done!
You can also use the teasing comb around the crown of your hair if you like more volume.

Are you thinking wow, this takes a long time? (No Helene, I am thinking don't quit your day job and post selfies, you will fail at life.)  I promise, it doesn't take long. I like to spend minimal time on my hair. Really, we are talking maybe 10 minutes here. Also, this is my “fancy” look. You should see what I look like when I really don't try….
Do you like to rock the beach wave look?

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