I am one of those people that will buy it if it's cheap enough. If it's a good price, I'm totally game. Sometimes it's stuff I really don't need. For instance, a top that is 85% off, though not something I'd normally wear, chances are I'm buying it.

However, when it's something I do want AND it's cheap, I'm happier than a kid on Christmas. Such is the case with the 99 Cent Network. This link will not be live until 1PM! All the movies you could ever want for pennies! You can make your own collection- three movies for 99 cents (I mean, how can you NOT do this) or 10 movies for $1.99! Then you can share your movies with friends and family members with just one easy click. This is the perfect stocking stuffer.

 The Movie and Music Network launched this TODAY! So we are getting a sneak peak of all they have to offer. So, I know what you're thinking… once I buy it, do the movies go away?
NO! You have them forever! (foreva-eva). They are portable. So you can watch them anywhere your heart desires and on the go. I know I'll be buying this for myself and everyone on my list!

All the movies I could want for less than a dollar and I can share them makes me happy. You could send this to friends and family- even if they're far away! It's the perfect virtual stocking stuffer! Now to decide what to order first!

 You can find the 99 cent network at @99centnet and @moviemusicnet! Start building your collection today!

 BEST PART! I'm offering three stocking stuffers for my readers! Just leave a comment below with your email!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.