Good news: I have all of my holiday shopping done. Totally done. For the first time in possibly ever, I'm not scrambling to check off my list before December 25th. This year I bought everything while abroad. My family's and friend's Christmas gifts this year are from various countries. So today I thought I'd list of some top holiday gifts from around the world.

Everything linked here can be bought and shipped before Christmas eve, so you'll be all set!

Vietnam — Coffee
Vietnam is known for its decadent, rich coffee. Almost everywhere you'll find “ca phe sua da,” consisting of espresso, condensed milk, and ice. It's heavenly in hot Vietnam. One particular kind is called “Weasel” coffee. Why? Because weasels eat cherries, then defecate them. Coffee makers collect the weasel feces and use it to make the coffee. Some might consider it a great gag gift. But it's actually really good!

If you're a coffee connoisseur you might also love KitchenAid‘s new Pour Over, Siphon & Precision Press craft brewer. You get the coffee house experience at home and easy, automated brewing with a pour over grinder. KitchenAid has simplified the science of the traditionally complex method of siphon brewing by creating a process you can do at home. Then, consider the Precision Press for a bold, full-bodied coffee you get with a French Press.

All KitchenAid products are of the highest quality. I put a KitchenAid mixer on my wedding registry since my grandmother had hers for over 50 years. KitchenAid's newest craft coffee makers are the perfect gift for coffee lovers, like yourself!

France —Wine
Italy and France almost tie for the top wine countries of the world, but France still reigns supreme. Grab a bottle of Merlot from Grenache and throw in a pretty wine bottle cover.

Greece — Olive Oil (or olive wood carving)
The best olive oil I've tried was from Greece. Olive trees grow everywhere there. And the wood from the trees produce gorgeous wood carvings. A fabulous gift is a wood cutting board or bowl paired with a bottle of extra virgin.

Thailand — Spices
The Thai markets are filled with spices piled high. You can flavor just about any dish, even for your tea or coffee. Just make sure you avoid the dried bugs…

Poland — Culinary Salt
The Wieliczka salt mine near Krakow has been used to mine salt since the 13th century! The distinctive taste of granite like salt is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie.

Mexico — Hammered Silver
Craftsman in Mexico have hammered gold, copper, and of course, silver for 100s of years. Pick up a pretty piece like a necklace, ring, or bracelet. I like the traditional Hammered cuff bracelets 

America — Forever 21
It's no secret that I frequent Forever 21. Seriously, ask any of my friends or look at what I'm wearing 89% of the time. It's from Forever 21. It's affordable and freaking cute. Right now, they're having a winter sale with 50% off! Stock up. Hurry. (Also if you're wondering, go ahead and get me a gift card for Christmas.)

Persia — Pashmina
This richly colored scarf is seen in almost every store and market that stocks accessories, but the real deal, and the cheapest way to get high quality is from the makers themselves: in Persia. Pashmina in Persian means made from wool and literally translates to “soft gold.” Opt for one with hand embroidery.

Netherlands — Wooden Shoes

The traditional wear of the Dutch is still present in every shop today. Don't worry, they're actually pretty comfortable.  I'd tell you to bring home tulip bulbs, like we did three years ago. But customs will confiscate them since it's a “seed.” Bah humbug.

Scotland — Anything Tweed
Tweed is the thing in Scotland. The popular wool plaids are used to make everything from blankets and sweaters to iPad covers and more.  I like the traditional Herringbone wood tweed newsboy hat.

Belgium — Waffles
If you're going to eat a waffle, eat a
Belgian waffle. Believe me, they are different than a traditional
“American” version. So sweet, you don't  need syrup. But no one's
stopping you. I use my waffle maker all the time, and it's inexpensive!

Canada — Maple Syrup
Okay, fine. Have some syrup. Why not combine countries and have some maple syrup from Canada! Now, we're really talking. Note: This one comes in the cutest leaf bottle. 

United Kingdom — Tea
I really like the tradition of  tea
at 2p.m. everyday. Up your tea game with a
pretty tea cup from Harrods and make sure you're prepared with all the
fixings for English tea, including milk and “biscuits.”

Ireland  — Baileys Irish Cream
Is there anything better than Bailey's? I don't think so. Baileys Irish Cream helps to make Christmas, Christmas. Have it straight, pour it over ice cream. It makes everything better.

Czech Republic — Wooden Toys
On our recent visit to Prague, we found wooden toy shops on every corner. Think Pinocchio. A classic wooden toy makes a sweet gift for a child or a teacher or a new mom. Handmade wooden marionettes and toys will last forever.

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