This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Gift Shop. All opinions are 100% mine.
This past year my family was spread out. One sister in Louisiana, one in Austin, my mom, Michael and I in Dallas and my Dad temporarily in Cincinnati. It's hard when we're all stretched out, but everyone will be home for a month over Christmas and I knew I wanted to force everyone to hang out together as much as possible. It's only right during the holidays.
Every year, we send out Christmas lists: ticking off everything we want this year for Christmas. I wanted a way for us to all get together and create a memory- something that we could think about even when we're far apart. I went to Groupon and searched for something we could all do as a family.
And there it was, twinkling in all it's glory- Drive Through Holiday light looking. One thing about my family: we are serious about our light looking adventures. We do it every year, pile into the car in our Christmas pajamas, eat chocolate cookie dough ice cream (despite the cold), and drive around the neighborhoods.
When my little sister was very sick, in and out of the hospital battling leukemia, we got together on a huge bus to see the lights.
This year in particular has been rough in terms of cancer and cancer scares. So what's a better way to put a smile on everyone's face than a chance to see the best holiday light's possible. On Groupon local I found Prairie Lights– over two miles of holiday lights to drive through. I was sold.

My family was briefly all together before Thanksgiving so I devised a plan to gift them the Groupon. I went to Target and bought 5 pairs of various sunglasses (one for each person in my family), a red plush stocking, and some sparkly stickers.

I stuffed the sunglasses inside.

 On the back of the Groupon I wrote:

“A Gift So Bright, You'll Need Shades” and rolled it up and put it all in the stocking. Then added all the stickers to the stocking.

 I had them open everything, when they first looked at it they were puzzled. I made them wait to unroll the Groupon and surprise… Light Looking!

I'm so excited to see all the lights, while spending time with my family. Plus, it helped me save some money!
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