The other day The Daily Tay posted about how she may be an old young lady. In that she has tendencies like wearing cardigans, not liking hip bars, staying out late or understanding the YOLO. 
While I too feel like that most of the time, there are also times where I am left wondering what's wrong with me and my teenage girl tendencies.
Here's why:
I love young boys…
Don't take this the wrong way. But I like One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted. 
I don't know what it is but I like their music. I think it's fun to sing along with, even if they are 12. And I occasionally like to look at pictures of them and wonder about their hair. 

I get pimples.
Although I thought this would go away around the age of 21, as a newly aged 26 year old I find one on my chin and forehead and nose every so often. Aren't these just supposed to be for pre teens?
I say “like” like way too much. 
As an educated person you would think that I could speak in a way in which I didn't have to use this word but it seems to always just come up (Like word vomit- here's another teenage girl tendency I quote Mean Girls like it's my job). I also abbreviate as much as possible such as (see how I avoided saying like there): OMG, JK, abbrevs, preggers, presh, perf, and of course BRB.

This is how my nails are currently painted:

I'm very irresponsible as an adult.
I hate paying bills, washing my car, getting my regularly scheduled dentist appointments or really anything that causes me to have to “do” anything I don't want to do. Don't ask me to change the filters. And I am certainly not even thinking about taxes. Eww.

I go to Ke$ha concerts.
While everyone surrounding me seems to be an underage drinker I am there, rocking out to “We R Who We R” and dancing in the aisles.

Oh and I bought that shirt at Walmart and put the bedazzling on it too.
God help me.

I've gotta go french braid my hair and decide who my next celeb crush is, TTYL.