The term basic has taken over. It's funny, since reading articles about what it means to be “basic” never bother me at all. You go to Starbucks? Oh the horror! You like pumpkin spice things during Fall? Gross. Here's my problem with it: I don't care what it means, but don't call me a bitch. Maybe that means I'm stuck in 1952, but I think it's not the nicest way to talk about women.

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I was having a conversation with some friends, and we were talking about the difference between basic bitches and badass bitches. Beyonce was deemed badass, with the majority of the population of women falling victim to being basic.

By all the definitions I've read online (thank you, urban dictionary) basic refers to predictability. You know we'll be sporting leggings when it gets colder outside and can't go into target without buying something. Doing these things means we're boring and uninteresting. Unless you've never had Starbucks, stepped foot in Target, worn yoga pants, or texted OMG, then you can consider yourself not basic.

Calling someone basic is the same as saying they're a dumb blonde; it's a stereotype. But really, all girls are basic; we all have unique qualities, but we surely all do some mainstream things that might be considered ordinary. I know most of the time it's funny, I like making fun of myself. So go ahead, call me basic. Just don't call me a bitch.


Now it's time for  Song of the Week Wednesday! Link up your favorite song every Wednesday! My favorite is from Kaskade and John Dahlback ft. Sansa “A Little More”. Such a pretty track then jumps in and the melody seems to grab you. Perfect song for the cooler temperatures.

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Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday
Helene in Between Song of the Week Wednesday