Starting a new job is exhausting. Not just physically, but mentally. I'm trying to cram as much information in my head as possible while bringing my A game. Tips are appreciated. I mean monetary tips. JK. So instead of me rambling, I have Amanda from Meet @ the Barre taking over.
Here's a quick intro: she's in super awesome shape (might have something to do with all her barre workouts- shes' the instructor), she has some pretty great music taste, and she's not afraid to state her opinion. She has one of those blogs you could get lost in. You read a post and then you keep on going and going. Today I have her talking about something pretty interesting that we all do. Take it away Amanda!

Hello and thank you to Helene for letting me take over her space today!  I promise I will keep you entertained. For some of you who are new followers…I am recently engaged to this strapping man.  We both have our own condos and even though we spend just about every night together at either one of ours places….there is usually one night out of the week we spend apart.  It is usually the night when I have to teach Barre in the mornings because a 5am wake up call is no fun for me but even worse for someone who doesn't have to get up until 7. It got me to thinking about the things I do when Mark isn't over.

This post reminds me of the Sex and the City episode when Carey talks about standing in her kitchen reading beauty magazine and putting jelly on saltine crackers….. “Secret Single Girl Behavior”.

So for example today is my wild and crazy night to be by myself and it usually consists of this.

Watching girlie TV with my MacBook on my lap browsing blogs, my Ipad next to me for reading wedding reviews while my Iphone is close by so I can peruse Instagram.

Mark will watch some good trash tv with me but he has drawn the line at Courtney Loves Dallas and the Tone it Up Girls….he said he felt like he lost brain cells after listening to Courtney but I love her hair, fashion sense and her 5 minute rants where it literally sounds like she doesn't breathe.  She completely cracks me up. Nothing is more engaging than trying to read blogs and respond to someone while they talk about their day. I have also had an obsession with reading reviews of wedding vendors.  People really have time to write all of that….oh wait…yeah never mind I guess I have time to type as well.

Drinking a glass bottle of wine and making a spread for dinner.

I mean it usually starts out with a glass but red wine goes so good with cheese and crackers.  Back in my single days dinner for me consisted of a bowl of cereal or making a spread.  What is a spread you ask??? Well it is the most amazing dinner ever because there is no prep work and you can shove everything into the dishwasher afterwards.  It usually consists of crackers, cheese, chips, salsa and whatever leftover protein I can put on there. I've been known to eat an entire box of wheat thins….it's not my finest moment.  I think queso should be one of the major food groups.

that is the queso from Costco…it is like crack…I insist you buy it right now

Only pulling down my side of the bed when I go to sleep.

Every morning I make my bed….if I don't make it Mark does.  There is nothing better then coming home to a made bed it makes the entire room look clean and put together.  With that said I have some serious pillows and in the morning when I am running late putting all 10 pillows back is annoying!  So when I have a night to myself I literally fold down my one side and get in.  I also sleep like I'm dead and don't move the minute my head hits the pillow….I'm sure that helps as well.

please don't judge my wrinkled sheets…I swear I get them out the minute the dryer dings.

Sit on the kitchen floor and paint my nails and toes.

Mark doesn't particularly care for the smell of nail polish….I mean who doesn't….he also has a strong reaction to nail filing.  When he's not there it's on for mani and pedi time.  Why the kitchen floor?  Because like everything else in my condo the bathroom is tiny and the kitchen floor has the most sq footage.

Put on Self Tanner

Please see above with strong feelings towards smells.  Has anyone really ever found a self tanner that when its activates doesn't smell??  I mean I have found ones that go on non smelly but 2-3 hours later it is pretty terrible.

Put on the Scary Face Masks

Hello Boscia black mask and Glam Glow mud masks (my sister snagged this for me at a major discount at her Costco…keep an eye out ladies!)

Two Words….Stretch Pants

Stretch pants leggings….slippers and an InStyle magazine…I rest my case.

I mean the list could really go on!  I know that in a year from now we will be living together and I won't have these times to be by myself to do these but in the meantime painting my nails in my underwear with self tanner on and a black face mask heck yah!

What do you do when you are by yourself?  Spill it!  If you liked this random set of musings come on over at check me out at my blog Meet @ the Barre.  I usually have some great workout tips, recipes, fashion and my randomness as noted above.  Feel free to stalk follow me on the various social media outlets down below! xoxoxoxo

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