I'm one of those people that loves to check my stats. I'm a sucker for pageviews. I'm itching to see my bounce rate. And I love looking at the little graphs to see my numbers increase. My page views vary, but I have seen a steady trend upward since I started blogging a little over two years ago.
The fact is, views are important. It's important in a sense for advertising (i.e. you make more money), for the people who sponsor your blog (they get more eyeballs on them), and for you personally (you worked hard on a post, now you want people to see it.) There are definitely other reasons, but those are at the top.
So here are some easy ways to get more page views:

11 tips to increase your blogs traffic

1. Content.
I know, that's boring to say. But it's true. Content is key when it comes to increasing your blog's traffic. The better the content, the more people will want to read what you say. I like the idea that it's important to always have a point. That way people will want to read your blog. 

2. Create an engaging headline.
You people to click on your work, don't forget to jazz up the title. I love this article on how to create an attention grabbing headline. This also goes for all your posts on social media.

3.  Utilize SEO.
You don't have to be a whiz to add a little SEO to your post. Check out three easy ways to add more traffic to your blog with SEO. I try to follow these steps to gain more pageviews and it definitely works.

4. Social Media is your friend.
Are you tweeting out your posts? Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog? Even Google + can be beneficial. It doesn't hurt to try! Social media is a great way to engage and also gain more traffic.

5. Sign up for Bloglovin.
Bloglovin' has become one of the number one readers and it's especially used by bloggers. Make sure to claim your blog and add a follow button to your site. Make it visible so that others can follow you easily. Don't forget to interact on Bloglovin. Following other bloggers and liking their posts is a great way to gain more followers, and essentially, more pageviews.

6. Use Google Analytics.
Use this tool to see where your traffic is coming from and areas you can improve on. It's wonderful to get an in-depth look at your blogs demographics. Check out my tutorial on Google Analytics and how to best use it for your blog (it's easy I promise!).

7. Pin It.
Even though this is social media, I'm separating this one out. Make sure to pin something from your blog, even if you don't think it's pinterest worthy. You really never know. This post gets hits every day from a pin that continues to get repinned.Check out my post on utilizing pinterest for your blog.

8. Follow the Trends.
If something's trending, post about it. People want to know about your take on a trending subject, espeically if it's controversial.

9. Join a Link up.
I'm not saying do this everyday, but once in a while, join in on a link up. This can help put you in front of new faces, as well as gain new readers. The link up generally has a post topic associated with it, so you won't have to think about what to post! Lost on linkups? This might help.

10. Create Unique/InterestingNav Bar
I truly believe everyone should have an “about” page and a “popular posts” section. This helps increase your pageviews and helps new readers get to know you more. I recently created a blogging resources section that breaks down all my blogging posts. 

11. Comment.
This is my favorite. Yes, it's time consuming. But it really can do wonders for your blog. Comment and then comment some more.

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