About one hour from Houston and one hour from Dallas sits the town of Fayetteville, Texas. With a population of 283, miles and miles of farmland, and a town center that looks straight out of a old country western movie, this is one of Michael's favorite places to go.
He grew up going to “the farm” every year, and now that his Dad lives here, we make it out there more often. It's a 4 and half hour drive from Dallas which is the perfect amount of time for the dogs to be in the car without going crazy. This time, because of Millie's cut, she rode shot gun while Hugo and I rode in the backseat.
Michael and I decided to listen to a book on tape – I still call it on tape, even though we no longer even have a tape player, but I like to call it that just the same. We disagreed on most everything, I wanted fiction, he wanted non-fiction. But then I saw The Alchemist. It's a book I've been wanting to read for the longest time, so I insisted. We listened to half of it on the way down and half on the way back. I was so enthralled I was looking forward to driving Michael's stick shift on the way back so we could finish it up.
If you haven't heard of this book, I highly recommend it. It's the story of a boy who's dream is to travel the world, find love, and complete his personal legend. The idea of a personal legend, or goal, is something that I struggle with. I have no idea what my true dream is, but I know I'd like to do something great.
This book spoke right to my soul. It's important to have a goal, yes, but to look for the signs, to listen to your heart, and to keep trying even if it seems there's an easy way out.
The book was written in only two weeks, yet has inspired so many and been translated in over 67 languages. Not only does the book teach me things, but the author himself, and the fact that simple things can make an impact.
Before I go contemplating the meaning of life, here's some scenes from the weekend. And if you need some inspiration, or just need a great book to read, I suggest you read The Alchemist. Here's to figuring out my personal legend.