I'm a sucker for get to know you posts. I love reading random facts on other blogs. Mainly because I like to see if they are even remotely as quirky as I am. So if you're new or old to Helene in Between, here are the facts of me:

-I've never had credit card debt. Not ever. I always pay my bills or I just don't buy it because I'm terrified of being homeless.

-My nickname is bird. I wonder why?

After this picture was taken Michael said it looked like a bird drinking wine.

-People have a really hard time pronouncing Helene.

-I will never get a tattoo.

-I buy too many sunglasses. I hoard them. I never want to throw any of them out, you know, in case they come back in style.

-Popcorn is my favorite food. I have a popcorn popper that I use at home that is the best thing ever.

– I don't watch the Real Housewives of Anything and I probably never will. I don't have cable and so I don't have access to that channel. But I still probably wouldn't watch it.

-My music of choice is electronic (duh) and I will figure out way to see it live every chance I can.

– I have a signature dance move I like to call the praying mantis. Don't try to steal it:

– Michael often calls me a vampire. I work from home and rarely open the windows or blinds, save for the ones in my office. Why open them if I'm not going to be in that room anyway?

– I've always lived in Dallas. The only place I see myself moving is somewhere in Europe.

– I have 20-year-old twin sisters. I'm still waiting for us to get out of the stage of not fighting whenever we're together longer than 3 hours.

– My favorite scent is vanilla and when I remember to wear perfume it's vanilla scented. My all time favorite is Aquolina's Pink Sugar which is over the top sweet.

– I'll never run a marathon. 

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober