My life revolves around my next big idea. Family and close friends are used to it by now. It'll start with “Okay, listen to this one.” Most of the time I get eye rolls or kind responses like, “That sounds interesting, Helene.” It began at age 6. I remember scheming in my neighborhood. Not satisfied to just sell lemonade like the other kids, I also charged people extra for ice, and sold bracelets I made with Mardi Gras beads. 
A couple of times I knocked on neighbors' doors and sang a show tune, then smiled and stuck out my hand. “A dime for my time!” I wish I was making this up.
For a while I've been toying with t-shirts. My first try at design didn't work. It needed to be different and reflect my personality. Mostly, it needed to be something I cared about.
Born and raised in Texas, I will probably always live here —Texas forever. So I went with a Texas theme. Simple right? It was more of a process than I realized. But I'm finally ready to reveal my shirts!

Even Michael, a die-hard Texan and my biggest critic (which is a good thing), likes them and has been sporting the shirt all around Dallas. He likes the fact that they're homegrown, not just made in Texas but in Dallas. The shirts are Texas (and Dallas) themed, with the exception of the Wine Not? t-shirt.  I plan to add to the collection as I go. Made of soft, thick cotton, these t-shirts are all customizable, and can be ordered in different colors, too. (Especially university colors, including A&M, University of Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, SMU and more!)

You can find the shirts in my Etsy shop. There are several styles in addition to the t-shirts shown here, including sweatshirts and some Dallas shirts too. I've been excited and nervous to launch my shop, so I hope you'll check it out.

And it's on instagram! @TexasForeverEtsy
Even if you aren't from Texas, we all have a little Texas in us.