There should be an option to have an emoji as a title. Sometimes, that's the only accurate way to express yourself. I mentioned yesterday being a little stressed. Many times my stress can mean nervous/excited/I need caffeine. Today I'm really excited to show you what I was nervous about:

Those are my shirts on GroopDealz! If you haven't heard of the site it's like an online boutique (think  Groupon) where you can find big discounts on clothing, jewelry, prints, home goods and more. I've teamed up with GroopDealz and my “Texas Forever” Shirts are just $17.99! Shop here for the deal! (You can find the rest of my shirts here)

Huge shoutout to my beautiful friend Christina for being the model.

They make excellent Christmas gifts. Or gifts for yourself. Or for a guy. (They're unisex). Or your mom. Or just because.
I'm keeping this short and sweet today, you should get yourself a shirt!
And I'm serious about emojis for titles.