Dear Helene,

Congrats on the book success! You looked really thin in the promo photos, have you lost weight? I can tell. You look great. I never really thought you'd have the balls to hit publish on that book, but you finally did it. I can't believe it's being turned into a movie. Who do you think they'll cast as the main character? Enough about the book, let's talk about personal stuff.
You and Michael have been together for almost 20 years now. Despite what others said about being high school sweethearts, you made it work. I know you lived in Europe for a few years, how has your perspective changed? I know you and Michael are still going to Tomorrowland every year. You're basically a Tomorrow-later (an old person that goes to music festivals). I guess you have to go, now that you're the official blogger for Tomorrowland. It serves you right, after all, you post about the festival enough. After all your persistence they finally hired you. 
Your house looks immaculate, I know you didn't decorate it. Hiring an interior decorator was smart. It looks like you didn't need to win the lottery after all, that app you invented had so much success. Who knew you were so handy with technology? Lifestyle bloggers are using it around the world! How exciting. 
You seem so busy, what with 3 business ventures and 14 dogs. But they're all so well trained, Michael really is an excellent dog trainer/ mountain biker. I know you're busy planning your 4 month trip to all those places on your travel bucket list you haven't been yet, so I'll keep this short. I can't believe all you've accomplished in 10 years. I wonder what the next 10 will bring?

Your Younger Self 

I have big plans for myself 10 years from now! Link up your letters below. This one should be interesting!

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober