I don't have kids. But I do have a blog. And man, is that an undertaking. No, I'm not saying a blog is identical to caring for human life. But there are some things about having a blog that make me feel like I am caring for another person. A tiny baby person.

Here I am, with a baby. Not a blog.

1. You have to check on it, often. You have to check the stats and make sure it's breathing or getting enough page views regularly. Oh my blog dropped in page views today, I wonder if it's feeling alright?

2. It's a big commitment. Once you decide to blog you have to keep it up, it's a big responsibility. You might say no to something you might want to do in turn for caring for your blog.

3. It will keep you up at night. Much like a crying baby, an idea will pop in your head in the middle of the night that you want to write down.

4. You want to share it on all forms of social media. You take a picture of it and feel the urge to spread it to all your friends and family and then some.

5. You note big milestones and anniversaries of it's life. 10 months old and I hit 1,000 followers are all celebrated.

6. You ask for advice. You ask others who have been through it before about their tips and tricks of running a blog or caring for a baby.

7. You want to dress it up. You design your blog so it looks pretty. And people comment on what an adorable little blog you have. Is it a boy or a girl? Just kidding.
That also means you occasionally dress yourself up and take pictures for said blog. Luckily, there are places to make you feel all dressy and cute. That place is The Modern Tulip. Maegen is a blogger and fashionista who started her own shop very recently and it's already taking off.
You can see why, her pieces are fun, easy to wear, while still making a statement. All of her current items are getting me pumped for spring. Like this perfect little black dress, or accessorize with this neon pink necklace and earring combo (for only $14!!) or check out what's on sale (stuff is less than $5!).
Basically you can look cute while not paying the price. I picked out this blue “On the Edge” top with an extra flair of black shoulder and elbow patches.

Another reason why I could not be a fashion blogger, Millie jumped into the picture. Not picture: Hugo Barking. Also I am trying to get the hang of self timer but it's clear I had a hard time. Where was Michael you ask? Sleeping.

Maegan is kind enough to be giving away this gorgeous floral one shoulder dress!

And she's offering 10% off with code “HELENE10“, hurry, this code will only last for one week!