Sometimes I look in the mirror and think: Did I do that? Did That really just happen? Am I that dumb? Yes, I am.  I'm going to tell you how stupid I am. I'd like to think I'm a smart person, but sometimes I do stupid things.

The one I have to start with is really embarrassing. I can't even believe I'm going to talk about it on the blog but then I realized that I don't embarrass that easily. Plus, this is just too good.
For a long time (I'm talking months) I've had a rash underneath my armpits. I'm not talking about the one from shaving but an actual rash. So I got some anti-fungal cream and over the holidays (I told you, months) it went away. As soon as summer hit, it came back again. So I started aggressively using the anti-fungal cream. It wasn't working. It was hurting and I felt like I could only wear tank tops without it bothering me. Over 4th of July weekend it was just plain embarrassing. I sat down and got out my anti-fungal cream and looked at the tube. It read “Hydro-cortisone.” For MONTHS I was using an anti itch cream that had nothing to do with getting rid of a rash. Wow.
I'd like to report that I got the right cream and it has now disappeared in a matter of days. Oops.

I got a ticket in the mail for passing a school bus. First, I do not recall doing this. So, I go online to watch the video of me doing said passing. I did it. OK, fine. Let me just pay this ticket and live my life. Guess how much the ticket was for? $420. That is robbery. It sucks to be dumb, but it really sucks when your dumbness costs money.

I went to a baseball game this past week in a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Hello, I live in Texas. It was almost 100 degrees outside. Well, that was dumb.
But really, nothing can top my first one. That was really really dumb.

And now for something smart, Sarah and I's Total Social Announcement! Once a month we host “Total Social”, a link up that everyone can participate in. On the blog, instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest…linkedin? The point is, it's all of the social media channels, hence Total Social. For details check out this post.
We are linking up next THURSDAY July 17th! Next week's topic is Favorites. Your favorite picture. Favorite memory. Favorite pin. Favorite Insta. Favorite whatever! Link up with the hashtag #FavTOTALSOCIAL

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