Ah, Dallas. The glitzy, glamorous city of the south. We put the sparkle in the Lone Star State. You're not a full blown Dallasite unless you can attest to the following:

You know You're from Dallas if

You Know You're From Dallas If…

1. You have a love/hate relationship with all Dallas sports teams. When will ONE of our teams not choke?

2. You own a pair of high end cowboy boots that you wear on special occasions.

 3. You swear you only had one or two drinks at the Loon and accidentally got drunk. #RIP

4. The Dallas Cowboys will come back to the “glory days” of Troy, Emmitt  and Michael eventually.

5. Anything north of 635, or not in “the loop” is not technically Dallas.

6. You've told people many a time you're from Dallas only to be asked, “What Part?”

7. You have to choose a side on TX/OU weekend even if you didn't go to either school.

8. The Texas State Fair is far superior than any other state fair, although you've never attended another one. And you know your way around quality fried food.

9.You just can't believe how hot it is and you know the number of days the temperature soared above 100 degrees last summer.

10. You've staggered through the crush of St. Patrick's Day Parade goers on Greenville Ave. and lived to tell about it.

11. If the weather's nice you can be spotted out on the patio sipping a frozen margarita with a beer stuck in it at Katy Trail Ice House.

12. Houston SUCKS.

13. You probably don't use the DART. Unless it's to go to #8.

14.  You identify the city skyline with the twinkling Reunion Tower (aka The Ball) and you've marveled at it while walking or biking White Rock Lake or driving from 45. Though you can't remember the last time you actually went there for dinner…

15. You've been stuck on traffic on 635 (LBJ) and keep wondering when the hell this construction will be over.

16. You worry about being pulled over in Highland Park. And you probably got a parking ticket over there a time or two.

17. You're proud to say that the show “Cheaters” was filmed here and you've watched it on late night.

18. BBQ is a food group.

19. You prefer Love Field over DFW Airport, but, dammit, sometimes you gotta drive there.

20. Y'all is part of the everyday vocabulary.

21. You had to drive around for a while to find parking at NorthPark Mall. You still don't understand some of the sculptures and you wonder why they put cactus at children's eye level in the center of the walkway.

22. We invented the frozen Margarita. Well, Mariano's did.

23. You go to Uptown if you're looking to cling to your youth or if you're just out of college.

24. You talk often about how great our economy is. Sorry about you, other states.

25. You know you can dress up or play it low key and that there's always something to do. This IS Dallas, after all.

Do you agree? What do you know if you're from Dallas?