Well, I did it! Last night I was on Fox news talking about the viral meme and the importance of our pictures on the internet. I don't remember a time I'd been so nervous. I just knew if I screwed up I'd not only let myself down, but I'd have even more scrutiny to deal with online.

Thanks for the picture Mom!

In case you want to watch, here is the video from last night. I watched it once and that's enough for me! It's really hard to look at yourself on camera and not wish you did 100 different things differently. I also don't know why my hair looks so platinum, but it's really not that blonde, but it really is that frizzy. 

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And while I'm glad this blog is getting attention, I want to prevent things like this from happening in the future. There are 156 million public blogs, and millions more individuals are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I'm not upset that my photo was taken, I'm shocked that it was mine. and in reality, this can happen to anyone. We do have some rights to our images and I think getting a story out there like mine is important.
Thanks again for your support!

And now I get to do the interviewing! Today on the blog I have a very special guest, Kim, of Pretty Pants. I've asked her some questions so I'll let her do the talking!

Greetings!  My name is Kim and I blog at Pretty Pants.  I am originally from Mississippi but Texas is where I call home now.  I have a pretty thick southern accent (which I have tried unsuccessfully to rid myself of) so when I introduce myself it usually comes out as Kiiiim,  apparently I put too much emphasis on the “I” and it's been pointed on many occasions.  My idea of a good time is a dance party with my two year old.  She has serious moves and an affection for techno and the Beastie Boys but she gets it honest.  Helene has asked me to do a Q&A and not to brag but I'm pretty good at answering questions, don't be jealous.

Why did you want to start a clothing boutique?  
Basically because my day job is boring and I just don't do boring.  Corporate America is a lot different than I imagined.  There should be some type of warning in college when you declare business as your major.  The company I work for is fantastic but the position I'm in is not my first choice.  Lucky for me my business degree (from Ole Miss… Hotty Toddy!) is what helped me start my own business.  It's funny because I started it and I loved the clothes (I still do) but the accessories have turned out to be my favorite part. 

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken- was it worth it? 
I would say moving to Texas was the biggest risk.  We moved to Houston a little over a year ago for my husband's job.  I was fresh out of college with no job or job prospects.  I'm from a small town in Mississippi and most people usually never leave the area.  I completely respect their decision to stay but I knew early on that I wanted to get out.  We didn't know anyone in Houston and everything was new to us so it was a bit daunting.  Our house was still on the market when we moved and we didn't know when it would sell.  Also, the traffic is just crazy to me.  I could get across my hometown (which just so happens to be Houston, MS) in 5 minutes.  Here it could take 2 hours to get across town.  You also have to keep in mind that there are barely any 4 lane highways in MS so when I got to Houston, TX, I was so nervous driving because it's normal for there to be 8 lanes of traffic!  I turned down a lot of interviews downtown because the thought of driving in that everyday made me break out into hives.  But since then I've gotten a lot better and I'm not nearly as nervous.  I'm proud to say that I haven't had a single fender bender since I've been here *knock on wood*.  Oh and did I mention that it was totally worth it!  I LOVE Texas!  Who doesn't?

What's your go to jam? 
This is the hardest question.  Music has been such a big part of my life since I was 12 years old.  Currently I like to start my day with “& Down” by Boys Noize.  I listen to it as soon as I get to work because it kind of peps me up for the day.  My husband and I went to VooDoo Fest in 2010 and got to see them along with a lot of other really fantastic music (Deamau5 and MGMT were my other favorites there).

You can only watch one TV show, which do you choose?  Friends of course!  Best show ever.
Who would play you in a movie?  Lily Collins.  She has fantastic eyebrows and if you know me, you know I love good eyebrows.

Check out Kim's blog, follow her on Bloglovin, pinterest, and instagram!

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