Tonight I'm going to be on local TV, Fox News at 9:30pm. While I'm very nervous about being on TV and talking about this viral meme (which I admit, has gotten more attention than I anticipated!), this isn't my first time on TV or in the newspaper.
You might be shocked to know, this isn't my first brush with the spotlight.
Well, not really.
But I did appear in D Magazine to model some velvet clothing and hold a doll. The look I was going for here is “Give me a bottle now.” It's a classic look.

I did make the Dallas Morning News in my Easter Bunny Halloween costume. I was carrying my stuffed rabbit “Ra Ra” which I still have. See, I don't forget the little people.

Then there was that time that I was in Dallas Child magazine and I modeled for Limited Too a whopping 2 times.

I was on TV once, I was in middle school, my friend and I went on an early morning (5:00 am) sing-a-long show. You could see our backs swaying from side to side and our hands clapping to the rhythm. So, feel free to ask for my autograph on that one.


I think I'll be on TV for maybe 3 minutes, but it will be fun to say I did it. I still have no idea what to wear or where to put my hands. This should be interesting. And if you couldn't tell, this is clearly a joke and no one's getting famous over here.
If you'd like to watch the broadcast,  you can watch it here. Or if you live in the Dallas area it will be on Fox News, channel 4 at 9:30pm (central time).

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