Yesterday was the first day in a very long time that I didn't post on a
week day. I'm not here to apologize, as I'm sure most people didn't
notice or care, but for me it was an odd feeling. I can be a bit
obsessive. I have a fear that if I don't post, suddenly 100s of followers
will simply stop following immediately. It's not rational and deep down I know it's probably not true, but I still think about it.

I can't post today, “cough cough” I'm sick. (That's a Mean Girls Reference, thank you very much)

For someone who likes to claim she lives a very fun, carefree life, I get upset about the smallest of things. Really tiny. Meaningless. Dumb. And sometimes, even important. I like to pretend that people's opinions don't matter. But they do. And, in reality, they should. We are all entitled to an opinion. We are allowed to think differently. We should think differently. That's what makes laws and rules. That's what establishes what's right and wrong.

Here's the problem with opinions: when you let them break you down or get to the point where you're attacking others, it can really bother you.
We are all entitled to our opinions. But we shouldn't let those opinions make us think irrationally. For probably the first time in my life, I really didn't let others opinion bother me. When the “right wing conservative meme” was discovered I commented on the picture, and the response from one guy in particular was both rude and sexist.

I  do love this Jackie Chan meme though not used in this instance.

My situation was extremely unique, but even so, he doesn't know me, yet he assumes I'm dumb. From there I started reading the illogical comments about the girl in the picture. That she must have just left the abortion clinic. That she could get a brain transplant for being such an idiot. The list goes on and on. But instead of me staring at the computer screen and crying over it, I really started to laugh.

How ridiculous is it that people will actually believe EVERYTHING they see on the internet? I could probably write an entire blog post about how my skin is turning purple and Photoshop my skin in it and people would be saying “that poor girl with the purple skin.”
Jimmy Kimmel plays on this all the time. He constantly comes up with sketches on his show that aren't entirely true, they go viral, and then on his show he basically yells “gotcha!”. For instance when he had a video made of a wolf roaming a hotel at the Sochi Olympics. Or that video of the girl who starts twerking and then catches on fire. All a hoax.

Of course, that's all in good fun. But sometimes it's not funny. It's outright wrong.

So the question is, is it ok? Is it wrong to make up lies? Or is it really just our fault for not seeing the truth? Do we have a right to our own opinion?
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