Hint: This post is not about finding the boy band sensation, One Direction, although Harry Styles is a little bit dreamy.
I have been blogging for 1 year, 5 months and give or take a few days. I am obsessed with it. Yes, there are some things about it that suck, but for the most part it's been an extremely positive aspect of my life.
One thing I've always struggled with is finding my blog niche. When I first started blogging I thought I would write about deals of the day and recommendations of savings and steals. That faded real fast. I wanted to talk about my life. My passion. Something hilarious. The news. I didn't care if anyone read it. That has changed. Both what I write about and wanting readers. I want people to read my blog.

Maybe that's wrong, but really, who's to say? And if we are putting ourselves out on the internet, we want people to see it to a degree. You don't want to post a selfie on instagram and only get 2 likes.
Lately, I feel like I have started along the direction I want to take this blog. Last week I got to interview a DJ duo that I love. That led to another artist interview. And hopefully another. There is one common theme in the mash up of posts I have, and that is music. It's something that I love, I'm passionate about and have somewhat knowledge in.
I'm not saying that every post will be about music. It won't. I like keeping kind of a running scrapbook of my life and the unique experiences I have in this blog. But I am so passionate about music and that passion has only deepened because of the opportunities this blog world has presented.
But I worry. Will people continue to read? I know that dance music isn't everyone's thing. I know that people don't always want to read about what I like. But I have to write about what I love, otherwise it becomes a chore. And I never want to feel like that.
So now, despite my fears, I am finally finding my voice. I feel like this blog has a home.

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Check out the Home T for your state.

Do you feel like your blog has a direction, AKA, a home?

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