I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! I had a candy overload and am now trying to detox off sugar. But it's proving very hard as I sit here eating Skittles. So here's some tunes to help you get over the candy binge.

1. Avicii “Dear Boy”

I am planning on doing a “Favorite songs of the Year” post and this will definitely be on it. I have to tell myself that I cannot listen to this song 100 times a day, I know I will get sick of it. But this song is a jam. Right at about 2:45 is where you can really sink your teeth into it. Trust me on this one. You're welcome.

2. Chris Brown “Love More”

I try to hate Chris Brown, I really do. But he's talented. This song is so catchy and really just makes me want to dance. OK, I'm lying. I choreograph dances to this song while driving. This video is good, it really makes him likeable. Especially in the beginning.

3. Kaskade “Atmosphere”

Kaskade is actually singing on this track, which shows how talented he really is. This song is so uplifting and wonderful. I heart Kaskade. Also, am I a teenage girl? Yes.

4. Lorde “Team”

Everyone is still fawning over the song “Royals” but I'm way over it now. This song is also a hit. I can see Lorde going places.

5. Ellie Goulding “Burn”

Ellie is pretty much one of the best female artists we have right now. She's beautiful, talented and refreshing. So is this song.

6. Dada Life “Born To Rage”

Dada Life made 39 different versions of this song for different countries. Basically, everyone should rage.

7. Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike “Whisper”

This song comes right from Tomorrowland 2013, so you know it's legit! Plus it has three powerhouses: Tiesto and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. And it's a jam. (This song is not on Spotify!)

8. Martin Garrix “Animals”

This song is good for Halloween or life. Garrix has some great music but this one is such a jam, he is definitely someone to watch!

9. The Knocks “Dancing With the DJ”

This is an old song (2010) but I just love it. So catchy and fun.

10. Audien ft Michael S “Leaving You”

This song has such a great, hoppy (is that a word?) beat. Just makes me want to spin around.
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