Last night I had the pleasure of co-hosting my first blogger happy hour with everybody's favorite, Erin, of Living in Yellow. Let me tell you it was fun. So much fun. I'd love to do this thing more often. The only hiccup I had was that Hugo chewed up a piece of a Santa hat he found on the floor and Gamey peed on said floor. I had to mute myself and scream at them through the corner of my mouth. I'm just hoping no one thought I was a nutcase.

Anyway. Names are an interesting thing. I really truly believe they tell a lot about a person. I mean I could never be a Rachel (even though that's what my Dad wanted me to be) or a Karen or a Samantha. I am Helene and that name describes me perfectly.
But I became aware that not everyone knows how to say Helene. And just so we're clear, it's not Helen.

I decided it would be fun to link up with Ashten for vlogging like a boss so I could pronounce my name for you, in video form, so we're all on the same page. And also because a few really lucky people got to see what I look like in video form

Always Ashten

In case you're unable to watch the video I'm going to spell it out. It's Helene. Phonetically, Hell Lean. It kind of rhymes with between, hence the name of my blog.
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