Weekends are magical little happenings that can only come around once a week so that you look forward the next one. This is what I'm telling myself since it was particularly hard to remove myself from the down comforter and drive 45 minutes to work this morning.

Although no one ever, and I mean EVER, calls Michael, Mike, I thought it was an appropriate title for this post. I think the key to life is happiness. And I think the key to happiness is genuinely not caring what others think. Doing what you want, because it's what you want to do, no matter the judgement of society or friends. Michael does just that. The man would wear a shirt with holes in it 24/7 if I didn't ask him to change.

Sometimes he doesn't bring his phone with him, just to make a statement. He will tell you what he thinks about any issue and not try to tailor it to whatever you might believe. If I'm not first on the dance floor, then he is, no liquid courage needed.
I cannot believe I'm saying this, but he wants to start catching pigeons and keeping them in our front yard so he can use them for bird dog training. He's weird, (we all are) and he just doesn't care. It's something that drives me crazy, but also something I love about him.

I am less 2 weeks away from my birthday but that didn't stop my friend and I from celebrating. He was in town from Boston so it was only right that we celebrate. We went out to a real classy dinner at Del Frisco's in Dallas. After our fill of specialty cocktails, appetizers, entrees, desserts and oh why the hell not another glass, we went out.

Since it was my day I got to choose, so naturally we went to Corner bar. Michael refers to the place as “dancing on diamonds” since the DJ will play the jams but everyone seems to drop their glass on the dance floor. No one cleans it up and you wind up dancing on glass. AKA diamonds.

Michael decided that since this fine establishment served Boone's Farm, we all needed some. It just wasn't a question. He asked everyone what flavor they wanted. Disappeared for about 10 minutes and returned with about 8 bottles.

At one point it was just Michael and I on the dance floor, our friends were getting drinks, and one of our favorite songs came on. Michael got so excited, he was jumping up and down. We had to take a break for a second- we are both out of shape after the holidays, and he grabbed my my hand and said “You're always my favorite girl at the bar.” Which might sound like the weirdest compliment, and it is, but in my head it was the greatest thing anyone could ever say to me. I'm easy to please.

I mean, I have the best friends ever. 

After a lot of dancing and a little bit of drinking we headed home. On the way home Michael told me that he wanted to bring tennis shoes and a t-shirt in the car more often, in case he really wanted to get down. He has priorities.
I looked over at his sweaty, needs a haircut, shirt unbuttoned self and saw how happy he was. One day I want to not care what others think. I want to be like Mike, err Michael.


Ok, now for the real McCoy. Which I have never said before but sounded right when describing Kym of Travel Babbles. I instantly fell in love with Kym's blog months and months ago. She is completely real and upfront. Kym blogs about anything and everything, but in a way that you can relate. Which really, isn't that why we all blog?

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she stays true to herself no matter what. One of her most recent posts touched so many of us, and if you haven't read it yet, you must read the outpouring of her heart in this beautiful, authentic post, “18 Things I've Been Too Afraid To Publish Here.” But don't just stop there. Kym has been all over the world (hence the name of her blog) and takes us to the places she's been with her husband, a handsome professional hockey player.

She writes in a way that let's you see her heart, and defines who she is. She's inspiring. Her writing is honest and refreshing, like this post about how her trips have changed her, I feel the same way. So Kym, I salute you, we can all learn to blog a little bit more like you.
If you haven't already jumped off the page to go follow her, catch up with Kym's blog, follow her on bloglovin, twitter or check out her pooch Brutus on Instagram.

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