The weather has officially changed in Texas. Sure we saw 70 degree temperatures a few weeks ago, but temperatures dropped below the 40s. This means that we wear our biggest, fluffiest coats, extra socks, 3 scarves and anything with fleece lining.
Luckily, I had some back up with this weather change. First came the rain. One thing you should know, I've had the same rain coat since freshman year of college. That would be fine. If it worked. I brought it to Tomorrowland and practically got pneumonia when my rain coat soaked through. But not I was prepared with a pretty pink Northface Women's Sangro HyVent® Jacket from Black's. 

Hugo asked to be part of this photo shoot. 

Then came the cold. Oh I know what you're thinking. I live in Texas, how can it be cold?! Well it can. And there was frozen ice on our cars and on the ground when temperatures hit below 35 degrees. Guess what- I don't have a real winter coat. No, I'm not kidding. I have pretty, frilly coats from a boutique that do NOTHING. Thankfully I was able to pick up a Craghoppers Lexi Jacket from Millet's. This coat is water resistant with synthetic down to keep me extra  warm. Ohhh so this is what a real winter jacket feels like. Noted.

Black's and Millet's are two travel and outdoor gear stores based out of the UK. They ship globally and not only carry the Northface and Craghoppers brands like I mentioned above, but other great brand names like Berghuas, Mermot, Vango and more. Everything from staying dry, hiking, camping, running… basically if you plan to be outside, they have what you need.

But no matter where you are, we are in “winter mode.” Regardless of current temperatures, women everywhere are downright freezing.

Here are the stages of women dealing with the changes in weather:

Start of the season:
OMG yes! I get to wear boots! And sweaters! And Starbucks has those red cups!! And pumpkin spice lattes! I'm going to look precious. 

3 days in:
It's so beautiful outside I think I'm going to go for a run! The trees are such pretty colors and I can smell fall in the air!

1 week:
I can't wait to have a fire and have chili. I wonder if any Christmas movies are coming out soon! Maybe I should just go ahead and watch Home Alone. It's the best.

2 Weeks Later:
My office is so hot, what the hell?! This sweater is itching my neck. Ugh I just can't get comfortable. And my boot socks keep falling down. Ok note to self, layer. Because I'm sweating and I'm about to go work outside.

3 Weeks:
I'm totally going to do a holiday pinterest project. But I really don't feel like going outside. I'll just eat a candy cane.

1 Month:
I'm getting fat from all these pumpkin cookies. Ok, just one more. I mean it's cold outside. And one cookie for the road… screw it. I'm eating them all.

A Month and a Half:
I'm really sick of how my stupid car won't heat up though. And then the windows get all foggy and I can't see out of them. Have we not invented a way to make the defroster work faster? Come on Scientists.

Two Months In:
Everything around me is dead and I'm never going outside until I can wear jorts again.

Bottom line: It's freezing in here. Hope the weather is treating you well.
Stay warm my friends. And if you don't have what you need check out Black's or Millet's.

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