Is it possible to still be in a food coma? Because that's how I feel. I'm still full. But it ‘s also because I continued to eat leftovers the past few days. I'll eat healthy tomorrow.

Well, I got my wish in more ways than one. A few weeks ago I talked about my concern- I was going to have to split the holidays between Michael and my family. We decided that, even though we were married, we would split up this Thanksgiving. He would go to his families and I would go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for mine. But as things worked out (as they sometimes do) Michael came to Thanksgiving with me. And it was perfect.

Yes, Michael is a full foot taller than me.

My whole family was back together, we haven't been in the same state since August (which was the longest time we've ever not been together!) I got to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and people I can't remember what to call.

Top left: Mom and sister, Top Right: Cousins, Bottom Left: My namesake and Aunt, Bottom Right: Sisters

After stuffing ourselves silly, we went to the LSU game on Friday. It ended up being a real nail biter with Arkansas giving the Tigers a run for their money. I watched as my little sisters glanced at boys and I got big sister worried- I had to keep telling myself that they're 19 years old.

My Dad was already in the stadium and missed the photo opp.
You know you're in Louisiana when…

I guess since Thanksgiving is over and now it's officially Christmas time, I'm way past due to say what I'm thankful for. Just like most people, I'm thankful for family, friends, Hugo and life. If you have a blog, you probably have it pretty good. So of course, I'm thankful for all of the above. But, I'm also thankful for: My little sisters- even though we fight, it's only because I just never want them to grow up (and the same goes for me). Michael's stubbly beard- I complain about it, but he looks pretty cute. My mom's cheesy potatoes- even if I gain 10 pounds eating them. My Dad's horrible driving skills- I guess we survived the 14 hour total trek. Waffle House- because we ate there too many times the past few days. Blogging- because where else would I write all of this down?

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