Blogging is a very bizarre hobby. You are putting yourself out there and absolutely anyone that knows how to type in “www.” can find you. But blogging feels safe in many ways. I don't really blog about anything in particular regularly, except for maybe Hugo, so people don't necessarily come to my blog to see how to apply make up or get a great recipe.

I don't blog for a living, so nothing is really at stake here.
Sure, I have followers, but to be honest a lot of those people probably are following me from a giveaway- I'm not afraid to admit that. The number of people that actually read this blog (hi mom) is really hard to tell, unless they leave a comment, I really have no idea.

But there are things that happen that make you kind of realize that maybe what you write sometimes has somewhat of an impact, no matter how small that impact is. OK great Helene, get to it.

At TomorrowWorld, Michael and I wore the shirts I had made for Tomorrowland (in Belgium) that read “Texans heart Tomorrowland.” As my friend pointed out, I'm sure people at TomorrowWorld thought I printed it wrong but we just wanted the chance to wear them again.

Anyway, at the festival on Friday, we took a break to get food and give our ears and feet a break. We crammed at a table with a group of about 5 other people and  as I sat down one of the guys gave me a very weird look. He looked me up and down and acted very uncomfortable with my presence. We talked about where we were from and who we were excited to see. Right as I said my name guy interrupted me and said, “Are you Helene from the blog?” I kind of sat there wide eyed and stunned. Someone recognized me?!
Michael could see I was shocked so he answered for me, “Yes, she is.”
“Oh!” He said, “I read your blog.”

I talked his ear off (I think I was more excited than he was) about the festivals I've been to before and why I started writing about them. Basically, he found the blog after doing research on TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland and happened upon the blog. I have no earthly idea if he will ever read it again or if he's reading this post right now, but I do know that was one of the coolest and most surreal things that has ever happened to me.

When you start a blog you really have no idea where it will take you and who you will meet because of it. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet someone that read it.

Blogging might be a very weird hobby, but it's totally worth it.

***If you are reading this blog and have questions about Tomorrowland or TomorrowWorld please email them to me here: [email protected] I will be doing a full Q&A post for all your questions!

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