Well, yesterday was crazy.

It's weird how attached I am to this blog. Yesterday my blog went down when the transfer from Google to GoDaddy was complete. You would think my right arm was cut off. Luckily Sarah was there because she's amazing. Of course the night that she does my blog design, that happened too.

Speaking of Sarah, she is the one that turned my blog dream into a reality.

I was worried I was being too specific with her about everything but she has a way of taking what I say and making it visible.

I cannot tell you how incredible she is to work with. The only problem is that she doesn't charge enough. I really think she could charge triple what she offers, she's just so good.

I'm dedicating this whole post to this design because I'm just that excited about it.

Yesterday when I was on the phone with tech support at GoDaddy for what have been the 100th time, the guy checked out my blog and told me how much he liked the design. He said it reminded him of Kate Hudson from Almost Which is exactly what I was going for.

First let's talk about the sunglasses. Sarah put the image of the Tomorrowland fireworks in the glasses so literally every time I come to the page I get excited and happy. From there it was all about the sunglasses. I knew I had to have them on every page.

Look closely and see fireworks.

Next we have the little snippet above my picture:

This may seem a little corny, and it is, but it's true. I think of myself as a pretty positive person. I think I see the world in a happy light. I try and find the good in things (well, most of the time) and just had to have this as my tag line.

And my button. How cool is this? My friend Josh took this picture last year when we were in Europe. It combines everything I love all in one. So you should grab one.

<div align=”center”>
<a href=”” title=”Helene in Between”><img src=”” alt=”Helene in Between” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

There are also some new sections below my picture: Music, Travel, Life.

Each one represents what I talk about most. Although I can certainly be a little random.

I have all new pages too, so be sure to check out the links, especially the “About” section! It's all brand new!

I want to again thank Sarah for doing all of this for me. I cannot recommend her more. She

Some tips for when you're ready to design (or redesign) your blog:

– Have an idea in mind of what you want.

I knew I wanted sunglasses. I knew I wanted pink. I knew what buttons I wanted. Sarah put that all together.

– Be specific and upfront. If you don't like something tell them early on so they don't have to fix it later.

-Give them some time. Even though I knew what I wanted, I could not make my blog look like this. Not even close. Give your designer time to lay it out and present it.

I know I rambled a little here but I am just so excited. I feel like my blog has meaning are really represents me!

If you haven't already, go tell Sarah how awesome she is.