10 Things That Are More Important than the Release of the iPhone

The new iPhone 5s was released today.

Nerds everywhere rejoiced. People with lots of money threw their iPhone 5 in the trash. People that wait in line for this thing…started to camp out. Tech websites heaved with the increase in traffic. And Britney Spears wondered if she was in outer space, y'all.

But you know what? There are a lot of things way more important than some shiny gold phone.

1. There's some stuff going on in Syria. Like big stuff. Like a WAR.
2. Miley has a new music video out for her song “Wrecking Ball”  and it's raunchy and racy. She licks a sledge hammer.
3. Sharon Osbourne revealed she had a “fling” with Jay Leno. Poor Ozzy.
4. Obama asks Congress to wait to vote on #1. He needs time to work on a “diplomatic option on Syria.”
5. The most epic twerk fail ever was just a joke by Jimmy Kimmel. Damn, he so got me.
6. 2 Chainz released a new album today called: B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.  It's also accompanied by a cookbook. Sure to be epic.
7. People really care about this sport where guys tackle each other and throw a ball around. It's called Football.
8. A newlywed pushed her husband off a cliff. They'd been married 8 days. That's a pretty short honeymoon phase.
9. Gucci Mane is taking a minute off from looking at his ice cream face tattoo to be in a twitter war with Nicki Minaj and Drake.
10. Apple is secretly hiking it's AppleCare+ repair fees by $30 while we all gawk at the new phone. Sheesh.

What else is more important than a smart phone release?

But seriously, can I have one?


[…] week I did a post called “10 Things That Are More Important Than the Release of the iPhone” and it was wildly successful. Ok so maybe a few people read it. But some people were like, […]

i have a cracked hoooptie Samsung galaxy if anyone wants to trade me…anyone??

It creeps me out about the fingerprint scanner thing…I mean, on a phone? We're not James Bond here, people!

I didn't hear about Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno. What a weird couple! I love Miley's song and the video could have been awesome without her making out with tools. I need to see this 2 Chainz cookbook! Do you really not care about football? I've found someone else on the internet who doesn't care about football?!

This time , apple has got me sentimental . TWO TWO iPhone at the same time must be a biggy plan .
PS : Wrecking ball is awesome . Hope it's gonna clear Miley from all negative fame .

I am a little confused anyway, because I thought they already had an iPhone 5 out. So… is this just an upgrade? I don't even understand. Stupid Apple!

Well.. for me it is important the release of the new iPhone. I don't have an iPhone 5 so I think is time I have a new one 😛

Miley… I can't deal with her…

The newlywed.. wtf?! :O

I just can't take anymore Miley! I just got the iPhone 5 so I am all set for now! Sons of anarchy just started, much more important! Hot dudes, riding bikes, looking all hot and stuff! Yum!

I was so sad to hear the twerk fire video was fake. That was hilarious.

Umm #3 and #8 WTF?! Shit it cray

I had no idea that chick threw her husband off a cliff!!! Crazeballs. Also….Jay Leno? She could have done a lot better! I am pretty sure Ozzy has racked him up some indescretions here and there.

Sharon had a fling and she choose Jay Leno?? That is poor Ozzy!

Let's talk about all the disgusting germs that Miley has from licking that sledge hammer. (Among other things.) I can't.

Haha, I was really excited about the iPhone 5C because I can actually afford it! My Droid phone is almost three years old and I can't wait to ditch it 🙂

The Tiny Heart

you, my friend, are hilarious. But seriously, can I have one too? I mean I will sell my 4S and find it a really good home if I can just have the new phone. Please.

I can't believe we all got trolled by Jimmy Kimmel. xD

I love how you did this sort of 'current events' list. It was hilarious but actually really enjoyable. 🙂

SONS of ANARCHY started! that's what's more important than the iphone 🙂 we get to stare at jax teller for one whole hour a week!

Vodka and Soda

I like your comment about football.. I am with ya there. Not a big fan.

Ellen is back for Season 11 and her first show already had me in tears.
A lady swam 50+ hours from Cuba to Florida at 64 years old!
Jet and Dave were the last to get to the Pit Stop on Amazing Race Canada. DAMN, they were so funny too….
My baby girl plays peek a boo with a blanket all by herself.. ahem… Genius!!!
Aaaand the last episode of Camp is this week. Summer is officially over according to NBC..!!

I'm a nerd. But it's champagne colored!!! But seriously, that twerking fail was just a joke? That was the best thing I've seen all year.

come on though, that gold phone looks sweet!!

ahhhhahahaha i just played the miley video. at work. it's freaking PORN

Oh man! #1 although not funny, was so funny!

Thank you! This was perfect in so many ways.
I couldn't even fathom the status updates today about the new iPhone.

I love this! I think pretty much everything is more important than the iPhone, A. because I'm an Android girl and B. because a phone is a phone is a phone 🙂

the new season of sons of anarchy is more important than the new iPhone!!!

I love everything about this post! And it's ability to make me forget about Apple. Steve who? Like #3?! I'm so out of the loop. I love that kind of gossip. I've got to stalking to do about this. I'm also super glad #8 did not happen in my marriage. Yet. But knock on wood, that's terrible.

Wrecking ball was absolutely HORRIFIC never mind Syria…

Sparkles and Shoes

I just got the iphone 4 (not even the 4s) so I am about three generations behind. I only got it because it was free with my contract through Verizon.

I actually just saw on the news today that sales for iphones went down last year and Android went up. This kinda made me laugh 🙂

I still have a iphone 3. Does that make me weird? xx

I just need to put clothes on that girl. And a bra too. I feel old when I watch her and I'm only 23 geez. I am super excited about the new phone, but if I tell me folks that they will freak.

But seriously. I can't stop listening to Wrecking Ball.

HAHA!!! Ohhh man. I was pretty darn excited about the smart phone release. Whomp whomp

Can you believe I never saw the twerk fail video until now.. I had to google it. *Coming out from underneath my rock now*

P.S. I never get the "newest phone" and always wait for the previous release to come down in price and to see the reviews. And camping out for a phone?! Ain't nobody got time for dat!

miley also rides nakey on a wrecking ball in that video. lol. I miss my sweet little Hannah Montana

Of course I replaced my phone last month. Oh well.

Jimmy Kimmel is awesome. Love all his pranks!

a phone is a phone. an iphone is the same as all iphones.

ok, wait, what? i have no idea what gucci is saying. you could combine french and german and i would probably make more sense of that than wtf he was trying to write. what?

I always wonder why we make such a big fuss over the latest and greatest technology. Something better will be out in 6 months. And you are absolutely right… There are many other things going on in the world right now!

While I'd love a gold phone, I'm just laughing at the people who will actually spend all that money on a new phone. I got my iPhone 5 for free when I traded my 4 in at Target- not only that, but Target gave me a gift card for my trade-in. THAT is how its done.

Welp. for the first time I actually didn't know apple was coming out with a new iphone already. shooot.

Dear Miley. I watched your video (or at least 30 seconds of it) and licking the sledge hammer was a little much, but riding naked on a wrecking ball? Seriously?

Okay, I'm pissed. I just got the 5 like 2 months ago. What the eff Apple?? Seriously though, I want a gold phone.

Jimmy Kimmel got me with the twerk vid too. So crazy.

I was sitting at school earlier, doing some homework and these two guys were talking about the iPhone. One of the guys says "My dad prefers the iPhone 4. He said the 5 feels like a toy."

Sir, it's a phone and they are pretty much all the same.

Personally, I don't have an iPhone. I hate the phone I have, but when I get a new one I probably still won't hop on the iPhone bandwagon. Their battery life is just too awful.

I really don't care about the new iPhone, my 5 is just fine for me! It annoys me really how fast they come out with new phones?

The 10 things you mentioned ARE more important that thew new iPhone release…although I haven't watched the "Wrecking Ball" video yet, I'm sure its surprisingly epic/strange?

I didn't know about the Sharon Osbourne new, wowzers!

Thanks for sharing some new…NEWS!


I have an "early upgrade" in October which i'm now hearing Verizon doesn't do anymore… and that Best Buy does? I'm super confused and really excited by all the stuff i've learned today. And i'll take the gold one, please.

Must stalk this twitter war now. Oh the joys of dumb bs!

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