I went and ate fondue last night (it was a special occasion since my friend is home from Boston) and I'm still so full I might die. You know when you eat so much that you get weird dreams? Just me? Fantastic. Well last night I had a dream about my engagement pictures. So I thought the best thing to do was to tell you about them.

First comes love, then a proposal and then comes lots and lots of planning. 
And engagement pictures. Gotta have that. You may know that I am a married person. 
One of the things we had to check off our list before the big day was getting engagement pictures done. 
Well, we were engaged for 2 years.
Which meant that I was lazy about some things.
One of those was taking said pictures.
Finally, for my birthday one year, my husband to be, Michael, bought me an engagement session.
How sweet and thoughtful. Yes. Except for the fact that the Groupon that he purchased was for a pretty cheap, indoor studio session.
And let me preface this by saying we took these pictures 2 days after we got back from a 7 day cruise.
While I did have a nice tan, I was also carrying around an extra 10 pounds I gained from gorging myself at the all you can eat chocolate buffet.

We took the pictures after work one day so it meant my hair and make up hadn't been touched up in about 9 hours. I had to change into the dress I purchased from Forever 21 that I bought that day during my lunch break. This is not a dress I have worn since. You'll see why. 

We go into the studio and I'm told things like: “Look lovingly into each other's eyes.” “Put your hands on your hips, like a model!” “Think about her as your princess, him as your prince.” I wish I was making this up.

This is painful.

Yes, they are the cheesiest engagement pictures ever.
But we still used them on our Save the Date. 
I just felt too bad to tell my fiance that I hated them and I didn't want to use them. You see, he liked them. Why? I'll never know. It looks like a cross of Glamour shots and a JCPenny Catalog gone wrong. 

Then for Christmas he got one of the pictures blown up and put in a humongous frame to hang in our bedroom. Shivers. 
What do I do? I literally hate this picture. I look terrible. 
Not often, but sometimes I bite my tongue and just let it slide. This was one of those times. For almost a year this picture hung up above our bed for everyone to see.

After we moved into the house I tucked the framed picture in the closet and it will hopefully stay that way forever. 

Have you ever taken some really ugly pictures? 

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