Every year it happens, kids go back to school not understanding the true greatness of the summer days they spent by the pool, drinking sonic ocean water and going on drives at night. (Oh are we back in the 50's or was this just my summers?)
Last night we had a family dinner for my sisters before they leave for college. My baby twin sisters are going off to college. For me, this is a very emotional experience. For the first time EVER our family will not be living in the same place. I went to school in the city my family lived. Not only are they going away to college but they are going to different colleges, in different states.

They are not just my little sisters but my friends and in some way kind of like children of my own. I'm not the cool older sister. I never bought them beer (I did take them rolling – where you put toilet paper on people's houses- one time) or let them sneak in past curfew or anything like that. No, I was more the opposite. “You're wearing that?!” “Don't talk to boys, at all.” “If you can't be responsible, then you don't deserve it anyway.” This was more my way. I literally texted them this yesterday:

But since they are leaving, I won't always be there to shed a responsible barrage of wisdom on them. So instead I'll do it here and they can read it often (see also, never.)

My Advice for the College Bound:

Organize yourself. This is the number one thing you can do. The faster you're organized, the faster you can go out and party.

Join a club, sorority, group, whatever. If you find interest in anything join it. You will make friends and meet new people. Instant friends are the best kind.

Make friends with different people. This has to do with the above but it also means putting yourself out there. Don't always sit with the same people in class. Branch out. Introduce yourself.

Drink… wisely. Ok, we get it. You're a big person in college now. That doesn't mean you know how to control your alcohol intake. I'm not saying don't do it. Just drink water with every drink. Eat a meal before. Like a real meal. Not a Lean Cuisine. If you feel like you've had too much stop. Actually just stop after a few drinks and see how you feel. Please?!

Eat on campus. First of all this saves you (or your parents) money and it's actually pretty good. There are healthy options and you and your friends have a meeting place here.

Go to freaking class. Want to pass College? This is all I have to say about that.

Get weird. What I mean by that is be yourself (hey, we are all a little weird).

Study outside. A lot of times college campuses are beautiful places. Sure, the library is great, but on nice days just lay outside and read Macbeth.

Don't date your high school boyfriend (Unless you know he is the love of your life and you just have a good sense about these things like I did.)

Go out. This is college, have fun. Go to theme parties and dress up. Sing karaoke in the frat house.

Can you spot me? (Hint: hair flip)

See, I'm kind of cool after all.
Also, I'd like to relive college now. Thank you.

Now tell me, what's some advice you have for the college bound?

I have the good fortune today to introduce you to Emily from Yippee! It MLE. Clever blog name huh? I have come to find that we have a lot in common. Her sense of humor, it just makes me laugh without really trying at all. 
I thought she would be perfect for today since she talks about graduating college- um how perfect is that?! She's also getting married in less than 2 weeks, eek!!! 
1. What made you say hey, I think I'll start a blog today? 
Hi, my name is Emily and I'm a creepy stalker. Hi Emily. But really, blogging for me started out as a big stalking game. I had a handful of blogs and bloggers I loved and would check their new posts every morning when I got up. One day blogspot punched me in the face (a.k.a.- my lightbulb moment) and I decided I could do this too! I could write and be somewhat entertaining to a small group of people! So bam, I started a blog. Still working on the somewhat entertaining part 😉 p.s. I referred to my favorite bloggers as my friends whenever I talked about them to my friends and family. Told you I was a creepy stalker. My mother used to constantly say, “Your friends?! You mean the blogs you stalk!” Thanks, Mom. Pour lemon juice into my open wound, why don't cha. 

oh hai, Iz be stalking yer blog.
2. What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
My memory is the worst. And I didn't even realize it until I tried to answer this question. I know lots of weird things have totally happened to me, but what were they?! What I'm about to tell you probably wouldn't be filed under “weird,” but we're going with it. Get ready to be weirded-ish out. At the end of my kindergarten year, I lost a library book. I could not find that sucker anywhere. When I finally bowed my head in shame and told the librarian, she told me, quite frankly, that I would not be allowed to go into first grade until I found that book. Sarcastic, she was not. Serious, she was. I went home in tears. Tears! I would be the repeat kid in kindergarten! All because of a stupid book! My mom assured me that a librarian had zero power when it came to making that decision, but it was too late. I was sure I was stuck in kindergarten, with a lost library book and a totally normal hatred towards librarians. Moral of that story? Don't believe librarians, obviously. 
There's a happy ending to this story. I graduated from college a couple years ago, so hint: I was allowed to go into first grade back in the day, lost library book or not. 

That's my In your face, Miss Librarian face. 

3. What's a favorite blog post of yours?
This is like when you're in an interview and they ask what your good qualities are and you sit there thinking carefully of something to say that makes you look intelligent, yet also cool. And sophisticated, but down to earth. And you get so anxious and nervous about answering that your answer makes you sound like D) none of the above. Anyone else? Well, here are two posts that I enjoyed writing, even if they aren't anyone else's favorites. I obviously can't write anything serious or meaningful. I'm all about those posts about vests and hair–ya know, the important stuff in life. Post about a furry vest. Post about pretty hair.
Go on now and say hi to Emily and wish her luck on her upcoming nuptials!

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