I think I'm a pretty good person. I pay bills on time. Volunteer occasionally, I'm a decent cook, an avid snap chat user, I don't go on shopping sprees and I remember birthdays and names.

I have my faults. My temper, grumpiness, laziness and overall stubbornness, to name a few.
There is one I never bring up.
My superiority complex.
And I'm not talking about money (y'all gotta know I don't have much of that).
But I have a superiority complex about subjects. I like, no, relish, to correct people in certain areas but detest when people correct me when I don't know something.

I'm gonna let you finish but…you're doing it all wrong.

I'll give you an example. Music. Specifically Electronic Dance or House Music. For some strange reason I think I'm an expert on the subject. Love the Daft Punk album? You would. Ever heard of Danny Avila? I know, you don't know him. You think Rihanna's techno beat means it's electronic? David Guetta probably mixed it. I'm so annoying.

But I do it anyway. And not with just music. But small things. Like certain lip gloss. Oh you like such and such brand? Well that's dumb because Maybelline's the best.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Things I don’t have a Superiority Complex about vs Things I do:

1. Driving vs. Music

2. Sports vs.  Ice Cream

3. Ballet vs. Hip Hop Dancing

4. Red bull or coke zero vs. Diet Coke

5. Hot coffee vs. Iced Coffee

6. Designer clothing vs. Forever 21

7. Pretty Little Liars vs.   Pretty Little Liars drinking game

8. Crossfit vs. Eating Cheese

9. Singing Well vs. Song Lyrics (I’m the person that will tell you you’re singing it wrong)

10. Playing Candy Crush vs. Playing music in my car

11. Taking Pictures vs. Using Instagram filters

12. Writing Blog posts on time vs. Being on time (ok I lied, I’m late…sometimes)

There is probably more. And I know a lot less about everything than the small amount of things I do claim to be an expert on. But it doesn't mean I'm not going to tell you that the lyrics you're singing to that Black Eyed Peas song are incorrect. Do you have superiority complex?

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