This weekend was the tops. 
Do people still say that?
Well I just did. 
There are times when you feel all warm and fuzzy when friends and family go out of their way to make you feel good. For some odd reason that happened to me.
On my birthday (Monday) my mom cooked an amazing dinner and there were presents and cake galore. 
Michael bought me a new tennis racket and my sisters actually got me a gift I could use. (They rarely do that).
Alexa  sent me literally the cutest gift ever (she has never met me in person and already knows me way too well!)
and to top it off Lisette also sent me a package!!
Yay for sweet blog friends. 
My two sweet friends took me out to dinner at a cool new restaurant I had never been to before.
I ate fancy food like pecan crusted tilapia and had sorbet for dessert.
I thought I was done with birthday stuff. 
I was wrong.
Friday, Michael and I planned to go over to my parents house for dinner. 
Before we left I threw on what some people might sleep in and Michael was dressed nicely for once in his life. I pressed him as to why and he said “I want to wear my new boots.” 
He did get new boots, so I dropped it.
We got to my parents house and my mom told me that the refrigerator broke and that she had to go pick up food to go.
She asked if Michael and I would drop off some table cloths at a friends house who lived a few minutes away.
Thinking nothing of it we go over there (I even leave my purse in the car) and I knock on the door. 
As I open it I hear, “Surprise!”
I had no earthly idea, as evidenced by the sweatshirt and leggings outfit.
My sweet best friend had been planning the party for weeks and hid it from me the whole time. 
I love surprise parties. 
In my old age I realize it's always smart to surround yourself with good people. 
They will make you happy.
Thank you to everyone for the best birthday ever!!!