I got my hair did y'all!! But don't get excited.

For many of you this is no biggie, but for a girl rocking a walker this is quite an accomplishment. Plus I hate it. It takes HOURS. I have really long hair and a tender head. 

 My mom picked me up and told me I need to change my shirt because I looked like I slept in it. “No it doesn't!!” I replied. “Did you sleep in it?” She asked. 
 Ok, shirt changed and off to the salon. This time she told me we were going someplace different. Not the place we always go to, Michael Raymond Salon. But she got a Groupon for a place called In Luv with Hair. Note that love is spelled Luv.
So yeah, I was a little worried. 
 I sat patiently as Terrence yanked through my knots. I tell him I like my color but it's a little yellowy. I'd like to be a little more natural. Closer to my roots (which is still pretty light, I would say dirty blonde)but still blonde. He told me the plan: full Color and highlights, plus a cut. Woah. makeover here.
Now I'm frightened.
 Terrence and I got to talking about our dogs and we became fast friends. 
 Here's me biding my time in my chair. Just got my highlights then we will do all over color. 
 Then came the worst part: the rinse. I hate it. No, I loathe it. Having my neck in that position for longer than 2 minutes is torture. After he's done washing it I take my hair in my hand and I can see it. Brown. Like poop brown. 
Ok now he starts drying it, assuring me that it will get lighter as he blow dries it. And my lip starts quivering. I am holding back the tears. Not only is it brown. It is brown with white streaks in it. Which to me looks a whole lot like gray.
My mom pays as I head to the car. As soon as I'm in I am bursting into tears. (Don't worry I took a pic during the tears)
This looks like dark ashy mud if you ask me.
I try to put on some makeup to see if I will look better once I'm all done up.
No, just scary. And apologies on the duck face.
I even tried smiling.

How about pulled back?

No. It's awful. I look ready to be a brownish grey haired witch with a limp. Looks like I'm going to have to take another trip to the salon.
have you ever had a bad hair experience??