It honestly embarrassing how excited I am for this post. I'm obsessed with Taylor aka, the funniest blogger in all of Blogland. We all know she's going to be super famous when she's on Saturday Night Live one day. She somehow agreed to guest post on my blog. 
So here we go:

We all know Helene is a huge music snob. And don't get me wrong, I love music, as well. The difference is I don't know good music. Luckily, I've got a boy who is just as snobby as Helene so he funnels all the good stuff my way. “Good stuff” to people like my boyfriend and Helene = new music the average listener (like myself) has no idea about. And therefore here is a list why I'm quite sure Helene would hate me at a concert. 
1. I always have to go the bathroom.
During a great song, right before the last song, it doesn't matter. I'm always that girl pushing through the crowd.
2. I never know the lyrics to any songs.
I just don't, I'm sorry.
3. Yet I rock out hard to all the “mainstream” songs.
But I sure as hell know the lyrics to the songs everyone else does! You betcha!

4. I once tried to wear the band's shirt to their concert.
And I guess this is bad luck? For me? Or the band? I still don't get it. Helene, can you weigh in?
5. I'm infamous for pronouncing band names long.
I pronounce band names like your mom does.
6. I always want to leave the first time the band acts like they're done.
Because they just said it was their last song. Why shouldn't we leave and beat the crowd?
7. I hate really loud music.
I just hate it. I prefer music you can talk over. Is that bad?
8. I spend more time critiquing concert fashion attire than listening to music.
I don't mean to, I just do.
9. I'd rather chew on glow sticks than dance with them.
Try chewing on one and then tell me it's not enjoyable.

10. Paying more than $30 for a concert ticket seems a little pricey to me, unless it's Britney Spears.
Sorry Helene, but nothing will ever beat Brit's Dream Within a Dream tour. It just won't.

Lollapalooza 2013. Wine in a water jug- never again.

Guys, it's been fun. My name is Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay. Stop on by so we can talk about Helene together. It'll be great.