In addition to having a brilliant weekend planned (am I British or something? No, I just felt like saying brilliant, thank you) with Sarah, Sami and Max,  I am going to see Ke$ha on Sunday. (Pitbull will be there too, but let's not talk about that). 

First you need to understand that my husband and I are big Ke$ha fans. Like, you aren't? Weird. She's one of the most fun concerts I've attended. 

So if you're going to see her this Sunday in Dallas (like me) or anywhere else. Or you just really like having a good time, than this post is for you. 
1. Glitterize
You'll need to look the part. Throw on some funky shorts or top. Last year I made my own Kesha-fied t-shirt and paired it with some leopard shorts. And of course put on some damn glitter. This is a Ke$ha concert for Christi's sake. Put it on your eyes, mouth, arms, legs, feet, whatever. 

2. Lyricize
You'll need to know some songs. And not just the hits like “Tik Tok” “Die Young” and “Your Love is My Drug.” You'll also need to refresh yourself on songs like: “Party at a Rich Dude's House” “Crazy Kids” “C'Mon.” and “Crazy Beautiful Life”
Here's a classic:
drinking wine out on the cement,
outside of 7-11
fell in love on accident
now it doesn't matter
And you know what? She writes most of them. She's really smart, y'all. She has an IQ over 140 and an SAT score of 1500. I am not even going to tell you what I got on my SAT. (Hint: It wasn't 1500.) 

3. Dancercize
You will need to really stretch it out because you are about to throw some ‘bows. Your hands will be in the air. You will be sweating. You will be dancing. Hard. Hard, hard hard, har- har-hard. Just like the world is ours. We’re tearin’ it apart. You know we’re superstars. 
Sorry, I can't help it. But it is true. You will be dancing and sweating. See:

4. We R Who We R after all.
You are already at a Ke$ha concert with under-aged drunk teenagers, you might as well live it up. 
So throw some glitter, make it rain. The place about to blow. The party don't start til you walk in.
So brush your teeth with some Jack and I'll see you there, P. Diddy.

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