I definitely woke up with glitter on my face this morning. Ke$ha on Sunday was the 5th best day of my life. But before we get into that, lets break down the weekend. 

In a nut shell I danced my heart out Friday, Saturday and Sunday (sorry ankle). 
Friday Sarah came over to my house and we picked up Sami from the airport. From there we picked up my friend Lyndsie and then went to the Porch for dinner and then out for dancing. Sarah was disappointed I didn't engage in a dance off. 
Warning: I will be very sweaty in the majority of these pictures. 
Saturday Max came in town from Abilene! We started off with brunch with unlimited mimosas in these cups. 
Max Decided her scarf was a tent and we all played in it. Clearly, this restaurant loved us. Sami got us straws made out of our name which caused even more mayhem.
A nap was needed after. 
Saturday night we went to Dry Bar and the guy that did my hair was a back up dancer for Color me Badd. And now we are best friends. 
Sarah and I figured out that we have everything in common. Well everything except for being good at sports (her) and making a complete fool of yourself dancing (me). 
My friend came in town from Wyoming so we went to my favorite dive bar to do what I do best, get down. AKA, we killed the club. 
Sunday was Ke$ha. 
I was so excited I could barely stand it. I glitterized myself and was ready to go. We met in the parking lot before so we could amp ourselves up for the fun we know was about to ensue.
It was just awesome. She played all my favorites and then some. She danced. I danced. We were sweaty and crazy and just loving life. If I could go to a Ke$ha concert every weekend I would be a happy camper. My instagram videos prove it. 
It was the 5th best day of my life (behind my wedding day and my trip to Tomorrowland in Europe). 
Plus, I got to spend it with some of the greatest people on earth, which makes everything all good. 
In short, Ke$ha has it all figured out, we just need to make the most of the night like we're going to die young. 
Now I hope work doesn't mind that I'm leaving a trail of glitter wherever I walk today. 
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