I can't even put into words how stressful this week has been already. Oh wait, I am a blogger. I can.

From sickness to job stress to life panic… I'm just glad today is not Monday.

So to put me and you in a better mood I am going to tell you what makes me happy right now:

The fact that I get to see Ms. Shenanigans and soon to be Mrs Max Out this weekend! We have nothing planned. Which is good because I prefer to go dancing. Any possible time. So if I'm making the rules, that's happening.

And, less than two months from now I will be going to my beloved music festival in Belgium: Tomorrowland and then going to Spain directly afterward. 10 days of gocation. I took the “va” out of vacation because there won't be any relaxing (or sleeping for that matter) but that's ok.

I'm ecstatic from all the page views I've been seeing lately. People have asked which post in particular. It's hard since it's been different everyday and throughout the day. But I don't care! I love that people visit this blog of mine. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate every single one of you!!

This Buzzfeed Article, The 51 Animal Pictures You Need to See Before You Die, because how can you NOT get happy looking at cute furry animals?

Lastly, I'm extra happy to have Nicole on my blog. This girl is the coolest and I'm only slightly jealous of her travels. Ok, really jealous.

1. When did you decide to start blogging (aka, what inspired you?)
 Besides my livejournal / open diary days? I started Treasure Tromp in June 2012. I had been reading blogs for quite a while and had always been tempted to start one of my own. One day in May I was sitting in a cheap hotel room in Vancouver, B.C. drinking a glass of wine (or two), and writing in my new travel journal when I decided that it might be fun to share my adventures with others.

 2. Tell me your most embarrassing moment?
Little Nicole was walking home from elementary school one day when she really had to pee. Like real bad. She made it all the way to her street and was just a couple of houses away from home when she just couldn't hold it anymore. Little Nicole tried to play it cool and peed her cute little pants while walking the rest of the distance to her house. She would have gotten away with it too if her neighbors hadn't been pulling out of their drive as she pee-walked past their house.

 3. You just got engaged, how's wedding planning going? What's stressing you out so far?
We've been engaged for almost 4 months and we've hardly planned anything! So far we know that we'd like to get married in my hometown of Sonoma (hello, wine tasting). Beyond that? No idea!
wedding planning checklist

We've decided to hold off on most of the planning until we return from South Africa in December since planning from the other side of the world may be a bit difficult. The only thing that is stressful is the fact that we don't have a venue or date yet – the two things we wanted to finalize before we leave!

 4. You've established a good following, Advice to other bloggers out there?
Don't let the blog world take over your world! I'm drawn to bloggers who have interesting and novel experiences to share with their readers. As much as I love twitter and instagram, if I'm glued to social media all day I miss out on experiencing the awesome world around me, meaning a less fulfilling life for me and less interesting content for my readers.

5. What is your favorite place you've traveled to?
New Zealand and Costa Rica for different reasons. I spent about two weeks in New Zealand during spring break while I was studying abroad Australia.
ice cave new zealandhorse new zealand
I'm not sure if it was hiking on glaciers, the beauty of the Milford Sound, or the horseback ride through scenes where Lord of the Rings was filmed (nerd alert!!), but I absolutely fell in love with the country.

Costa Rica also holds a special place in my heart because it was the first big trip that Matt and I took together. We went ziplining, camped on the beach, played with hummingbirds, and rang in 2011 in this beautiful country.


Although I love Costa Rica and New Zealand, I'm pretty excited to spend 6 months in Cape Town, South Africa!


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