When the folks of ZingAnything approached me about reviewing their “SaladZinger” product and that meant I could make my own healthy salad dressings I thought: yes.

Actually, what I really thought was the Drake, Lil Wayne song “HYFR” which stands for hell yeah, f***ing right. Because my brain goes to dirty rap songs when thinking about salads. Go figure.
They give you all kinds of recipes to make but I decided to make up one on my own. What I like: I know exactly what I'm eating. There are no preservatives or chemicals, since I'm putting in exactly what I want. 
So, here's what you do. Grab your ingredients. Chop them up into pieces (no need to chop them up all the way). 

Unscrew the top and add your ingredients to the cup (or cruet). Don't add the liquids yet (I used olive oil). So I used:
Basil, onion, ancho pepper and garlic + olive oil that I'll add in later.
Throw it into the cruet. Then put the top of the grater back on. 

Then screw the top of the salad zinger on. 

You will see it crush up some of your ingredients so screw in on a few times to crush it. 

Then add your liquid ingredients to the top 

and shake vigorously. Like this:
Shake it like you tryin' break it


I had Michael do it, since clearly he has the skill. And the facial expressions. 

Let it sit for (at least) 30 minutes and then add it to your salad! 
We let ours sit overnight as well and it was even more flavorful. 

We tend to eat salads a lot so I know I will be using this at least twice a week! 
Since we use eMeals  to make our dinner recipes, most of the time it calls for a salad and whichever dressing you want. You can also use this to make dips for bread, toppings for bruschetta, etc!

They also carry other zingers: CitrusZinger, AquaZinger & VodkaZinger. I really liked the AquaZinger where you can naturally flavor your own water, since I'm much more likely to drink water that has a good taste to it. And the VodkaZinger, since hello, who doesn't like flavored vodka?!
All of the Zinger products can be found online here or at Brookstone.

*I was given the SaladZinger to review, but all opinions are my own.

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