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So here's the deal. I haven't announced this yet but I'm going on a cruise. In exactly 71 days. But who's counting anyway right? Me. I'm counting.

Last Cruise circa 2009
The holidays were really bad. And then it was my birthday. And I continued my rabid eating habits. I kept thinking, oh I'll start being healthy tomorrow. Last week I got on the scale and I had it. I felt gross. And so not cruise ready.

The best way for me to hold myself accountable is start off on the right foot in the morning. And that means food.
During the work week I am a creature of habit. I get up, go to the bathroom, wipe my face off with a towelette and then check my phone for longer than I should, leaving me no time for breakfast. Or a hot meal at least. I get dressed, hop in the car and drive to work.
Once at work I get situated at my desk and then grab some tea and a instant oatmeal packet. I do that because it's low calorie, it's somewhat filling, and it's hot. I like to have a hot meal in the morning. But it's never what I really want to eat. For breakfast I'd really like some protein, specifically eggs. And this may sound a little odd, but I prefer salty to sweet taste in the morning. Especially with my tea.
My morning breakfast just wasn't satisfying.
Enter Jimmy Dean Breakfast Delights. They encompass everything I require in a morning breakfast: eggs, hot, quick, and under 300 calories.

YES. Under 300 calories.
I chose the Croissant with turkey sausage, egg white and cheese.

This is a protein packed little gem of breakfast that really just makes my day. I want, no need, to start the day off on the right foot and for me, that means the right food.

Mmmm the power of cheese.

You can find an array of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Delights at your local Walmart. Like the Delights bacon, egg & cheese honey wheat flatbread or Turkey sausage, egg white & cheese croissant. Y'all- these are all under 300 calories. 

This is a rare picture of me in the morning, chowing down. That rubberband is sold separately. 

Before you run out the door, check out Jimmy Dean Breakfast Delights on Twitter, like them on Facebook, stalk them on Instagram, and drool over their Pinterest.


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