Here's a shocker: most bloggers have full-time jobs. Blogging doesn't usually pay the big bucks unless you're at the top (or you're smart and have figured out a way to make money). However, your blog doesn't just have to be something you do for a hobby. Consider including your blog on your resume. After all, you spend countless hours on it. So here's how to add it to your resume.

How To Add Your Blog To Your Resume

You have to realize that prospective employers will most likely check out your blog. So if you don't want your employer looking at your blog, or feel it's too personal, or inappropriate, then skip it. Don't put your blog on your resume. However, if you're comfortable with what you put out there, it could be a plus in the job search. (Note: Unless you're anonymous the employer will most likely be able to find your blog by searching Google.)

First, consider what kind of job you're applying for. If it deals with communications or media (i.e. advertising, public relations, social media, writing) then list it towards the top of your resume. For instance, I work in marketing. My blog is noted right under my current job. However, if blogging doesn't directly correlate to the skills needed for the job, then list it among skills toward the bottom.

Whatever your job, you'll most likely use a computer and will interact with others to some degree. Your blog helps with those skills. If applicable, I'd put certain stats from your blog, or any awards you've received. I would include other websites or magazines you've written for or if you were showcased on a major site. Include any skills your blog has helped you with, such as: HTML, SEO, copywriting, photography, editing, graphic design, social media, etc. I'm not saying to use all these (I don't know graphic design) but if it applies, include it.

Create a title for yourself. Whether that is blogger or editor, or something else that describes what you do, add it if you're showcasing this as a job, rather than just a skill. Make sure to put the date that you started working on your blog.

It's not necessary for everyone to include their blog on a resume, but if it's a skill that helps you apply for a job, I highly recommend it.

Have you included your blog on your resume?