This weekend was a very busy and wonderful one.
Great weather, food, friends and of course celebrating Mom.
Because Michael and I are 85 year olds, we went to a organic gardening seminar with our neighborhood. Yeah, we are in the gardening club. I know, you're jealous.
The guy hosting the seminar was “Organic Randy” and he taught us the harsh effects that chemicals have on your plants.
Hope you don't mind I took your pic.
He also had great one liners like : “I know tomato is sexy but plant some lettuce” “I'm gonna say this once but I'm gonna say this again” “Look at this head of lettuce! You'd pay $20 for that at Whole Paycheck” (in reference to Whole Foods)
It was very informative.
Saturday we went hiking with the dogs and then out with friends.
Suns out, tongues out.
Why do I always wear pink?
 Sunday was spent with mom.
I don't say it enough but I really appreciate my mom. I can't even imagine being a mom. I know that since I'm scared of having children. To all the mothers: thank you for all you do.

Mom with her daughters. (it was bright)

Sunday Michael and I walked the lake and took a bike ride.
And we stopped to smell the roses with Hugo.

How was your weekend?

My special guest for today is Lauren from Enjoying the Journey.
I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren and she and I bowled together (she was MUCH better than me). This girl is so kind and I know you will love her as much as I do!
Hello Helene in Between Readers!!
I'm Lauren and I blog over at Enjoying the Journey.  This blog of mine started out as a way for me to keep myself busy after moving home from college and a place to share some design inspiration.  Over the past year and a half of blogging my corner of the internet has evolved into so much more than that.  It certainly keeps me busy and I love every minute of it!  

On Enjoying the Journey you can find a little bit of everything including my love for travel, a little interior design (because I like to leave work at work, if ya know what I mean), my small Texas town, and the occasional rant or rave.  Stop by and introduce yourself and we can talk about our common love for Helene or anything really!  It's up to you!

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