Yesterday I had the day off work. Here's how it went down:

Ok I'm gonna be so productive!
Gotta write a blog post. Ok kewl. Don't say kewl in a blog post people will hate you. Too late, I did that yesterday.
Oh, gotta read some blogs. Then I'll get on the elliptical. I guest posted on The Daily Tay! I hope people liked it.
2 hours pass.
I'm hungry. I'll eat and then I'll work out.
Now I need to wait an hour to work out. I'll go and lay out and get some vitamin d.
Falls asleep outside.
I'll exercise in a minute. I need to get on Pinterest real quick.
1 hour passes.
Oh I wanna make that. I'm just going to run to the store and get the supplies. 

Goes to Target, spends 3 hours there.

Shoot. I totally forgot to get the stuff to make that pinterest project. Oh well. I need a snack. POPCORN. I'm gonna watch the new episode of New Girl on Hulu, then I'll work out.

Now I'm too full to exercise. I'm going to take a nap, I deserve it. But just a quick one.

2 hours pass.

Oh, looks like Michael is coming home…I wonder what I will tell him I did all day…

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