I hope you answered yes to the above question.

What I love about my city is there's always something new happening. Dallas constantly surprises me with new things to see and do. This event could not be more fun (or right up my alley)

So I knew I had to share. It' happening in Dallas (and some other cities, too).
It's a pop up dinner party called Social Club Dinner and you are invited. The location is undisclosed (they keep it a secret until it's announced just a few hours before the event!) but there is a theme to the outing. This year in Dallas is June 28th and the theme is all white clothing. (White in the summer is perfection.)

Does this not look like a fin party, or what?

Any excuse for me to dress up and have fun, I am all about. Oh did I mention there's dancing. Well there's dancing.
You can go here to see how Social Club Dinner works.

More than 1,000 people flock to the party AND it supports charity! This year they are supporting the North Texas Food bank, which helps feed hungry families across North Texas. You have to request an invite to go

So you pack your dinner and dress up and come meet me at Social Club Dinner.
I'll be the one on the dance floor. Request your invite here.
They are also hosting Social Club Dinners in Louisville, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco! (Hey if you want to invite me to those I'll be there too!)

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If you decide to go PLEASE let me know!

And 1 lucky person and a guest will get two tickets to go to Dallas Social Club Dinner!
Just leave a comment below of why you want to go! 

Congrats to Brandi! 

Blogger Brandi said…

Ummm…I want to go because; 1) I love white and promise to spill something on myself 2) I love dancing and promise to act a fool and 3) cuz I'm in Dallas yo!
May 30, 2013 at 10:23 AM


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