Saved By the Bell is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.
It not only depicts the 90s in a way that we can all relate to, it has a cast that surpasses time. 
Zack, Screech, Kelly, AC, Lisa, and Jessie all dealt with issues that you too might be faced with during your pre teen and teenage years. 
Those that grew up in the 80s and 90s will never forget the knowledge imparted on to us from the show.
Things like: how to rock really hip clothes, to stick with a good group of friends, and that your principal is not always right.
Here's some things you might want, to keep the ‘Saved by the Bell' spirit alive. Complete with quotes from the show in italics. 
Never forget:
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Look stylish rocking the 5 best names that ever graced television.
Screech: You hooligans. You demolished my song. 
Lisa: No we didn't, Screech. It still says “Bayside”. 
Slater: Yeah, and we even left the words you put in: “it”, “and”, “the”, “Bayside”. 
Screech: Oh… well in that case, it's ok then. 
Want to look like Zach? 
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Rock this sweater to your favorite theme party. Or to work. Whichever. 
Zack: In one word, would I do dope? Nope.
Oh, you're more of the AC Slater type? 
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We got you covered, Dude. 
Slater: Preppy, is that you? NICE legs!

Sorry, you really want to look like Slater.
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Hair care is important, not just for girls. 
Slater: Every time I call her she's washing her hair! Who washes their hair six times a day?
Zach: You do!
One thing is true, Zach and Kelly will always be together.
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Sport these on your ears to remind others: True love never dies. 
Kelly: Why aren't you at the prom? 
Zack: Oh, is that tonight? Gosh, I must have forgotten? 
Kelly: There must have been 100 girls who would love to go with you. 
Zack: Actually 106. 
Remember, life is all about taking it easy. Just do your homework and be a good kid, it will be all down hill from there.
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This tank screams “I got this, bro.” Mr. Bellding Approved.
Zack: I like school. It's just too bad classes get in the way. 
Don't believe the stereotypes, even nerds can hang out with the cool kids.
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Slater: You're bats, Screech! The Attic is an over 18 dance club, and Zack's only 16.
Zack: That may be true today, Slater, but by tomorrow night, we'll all be 18.
Screech: Oh no, Mom said I had to move out at 18! I gotta go look for a place!
The girls are strong, independent women. They can and will put you in your place.
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Screech: You girls are lucky; wait 'til you see me in a wet t-shirt. 

Lisa: Only if it involves you drowning. 

We will never forget the best place to meet after school. 
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Always have a hangout. A great place to discuss and resolve issues.
Lisa: I kicked the TV and sprained my ankle.
Jessie: Why?
Lisa: I was watching the new Revlon commercial, and they discontinued my nail polish.
Hugs, not drugs. Jessie learned that the hard way. 
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Keep your head up and out of drugs with this burnout ee. 
Jessie: I'm so excited…I'm so Excited….I'm so scared!!!
Kelly will always be the hot one.
But you can try and pull off this look. 
[Kelly is talking about choosing between Zack and Slater] Kelly: Guys, this is hard. It's like choosing between two great pieces of chocolate. 
Zack: Sorry Kelly, from now on, you can only get zits from one of us. 
Know it alls, sometimes know it all.

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Zack: Why be a teacher when you can be a principal? It's the easiest job around, you don't do anything, ask Belding.

You need all of this. Like now. 
Zack agrees, you will look smokin'.

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