This weekend made me proud to be an American. There's not much more I can say than that. We caught a terrorist and saw people coming together in support of both Boston and West. Yes, there are bad people. But there are a hell of a lot more good.

This weekend Michael and I took a bike ride and we saw this pretty sunset. We were feeling patriotic, so we went to a place near our house in Dallas called “Flag Pole Hill.” We planted some succulents. The one on the right is my favorite- I am naming him Larry. I'm weird like that.

We also celebrated one of my best friend's 2 years of being cancer free!

Let's not talk about my hair in this picture.

Some other tid bits:

-I am going to get up at 5 am everyday this week and work out (I am telling you so you can hold me accountable).

– I am guest posting over at The Vintage Apple today!

-Don't forget to link up for Travel Tuesday tomorrow! (any travel related story)

Helene in Between

– I have a special guest today who is from Texas and has a cute dog! Meaning, she's awesome. And I love all her wedding pictures! 
Hey y’all! I’m Ashley from Let’s Get Bananas. I’m a twenty something newlywed who lives in Texas with my husband and two fur babies. I love pink, all things that have glitter, reality TV, working out and laying out by the pool/beach. If I’m poolside or on the beach with a drink in my hand, my life is complete!

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