We are less than one month away from the dreaded….
Valentine's Day. 
I for one like it. But I wasn't so sure my husband really gets it. This story explains why:
Before we were married, we dated long distance. 
We were both in college and he lived 3 hours away. 
One year he came home for Valentine's Day. 
I went straight to his house to see him.
Well, let me tell ya, I was in a mood.
We talked for a bit and I handed him a Valentine's gift (a handmade gift of a picture of us in a frame in which I wrote all our inside jokes around the frame- I was VERY proud of this). 
So after opening it I ask him, “Where is my gift?” (I told you- I was in a mood).
He goes into the living room and I hear him say “Uh Uh UHHH, In Here.”
I come in and it's beautiful roses. Yay!
At the end of the night I am about to leave and pick up the roses to take them home. He gets a worried look on his face and asks if I just leave them here. We go back and forth about that and finally he exclaims, “Those aren't yours, their my mom's and they were here before I even got home.”
In a fit of rage I leave. Long story short- he's learned his lesson and always remembers to get me SOMETHING on Valentines day.
I think it's important. To always do a little something. That's why I love Datevitation
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