Last Sunday I posted about how we had a scare when we thought someone tried to break into our house.
Luckily it was our drunk neighbor.

But, there have been quite a few rapes in my neighborhood. 
They identified the man (it was all one guy) and I just found out…THEY CAUGHT HIM!!!! (that article here)
Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness month (thanks for letting me know that Blair) I thought I would talk a little bit about that. 

The last woman that was attacked was able to get away after she fought him off. 
Last Wednesday, I went to a self defense class. 
It was hosted by the neighborhood. 
At first, I was hesitant to go. I thought it would be me and 15 other women. 
I was very very wrong.
Hundreds of women packed the local high school gym.
It was great. 
We partnered up and learned different tactics and procedures. 
The instructor told us, “If you decide to fight, you have to go at them like you are going to hurt them.” 
That means gouging at their eyes, clawing them, biting a finger off, stabbing a ball point pen in their neck. 
Maybe reading that it sounds horrific. But if someone was to attack me I hope I would have enough guts to fight back.
It was emotional night. 
Yes, we joked and laughed about having to straddle each other in the “scary positions.” But talking about women in my neighborhood that are being raped and now the fear that we all have, was palpable. 
We are angry.
We don't want someone ruining the wonderful neighborhood we live in and we are not going to tolerate any violence against women.
It made me proud to be part of a neighborhood that would take active steps to protect itself and it's members.
So don't cross me.
I might gouge your eyes out.
The story is featured in the Dallas Morning News and they interviewed me, that story here
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